June 14, 2013


Bwahahaha, I apologize for the lack of visuals... and how slow I am with my updates
especially when today's post is on Mae's sweet 18th!!! which I'm sure the whole would who attended have already blogged about :/ OKKK so I shall skip the delay and move on to pictures!!!
 Theme of the party was James Bond, and I dug my entire wardrobe to find anything bond-ish.. ended up with this black maxi which I thought was the most basic and classic I can find. Haha

Wayne came to pick me and we decided to get 18 balloons for the birthday girl since we were quite..early hahahah, we didn't wanna be the first ones to reach so we went to kill time,
 Yup, smart move with the balloons cos I was literally sharing my seat with 18 other balloons.
Hahahahahahaha imagine the entire journey to Mae's house???

 Amazed by the spontaneity of the boys who dressed up! Not bad kay..
 Arrived really early.. despite wasting time!!! Haha house tour-ed and waited for the rest to come,

 Damn superstar vibe!!!
 Finally this woman is 18 years old!!!


 Jordy and Shine (_´ω`)
 Headed to the After Party next!!! Left slightly earlier first as it was also Errol's bday celebration,
no prizes guessing where it was at ;)

 Kiss of Death for the birthday boy hahaahahahahahaha
 The rest came shortly after and it was full on mayhem at Zouk along with Cosmin Gate!

 Hahahah this picture with Dx is damn funny, I remember we were partying halfway and she suddenly was like "Beebee you don't love me anymore" 
and I weeped HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg so emotional and funny!?!?!?? WTHHHHHH
 Love you mak mak okay!!!
And forever my dearest Sofie whom I owe so much to! She was the one who helped me with my
eyebrow sponsorship (which I will blog about soon!) and I cannot be more thankful for everything!

 So many old faces that day, here Dewsydewsy whom I haven't caught up with in a long time!!!
Which reminds me..... WE BETTER DO THAT SOON!!!

 and of course to Mae!!! 
Finally 18th yes, wishing you all the best in your business and in everything you do xxx

didn't manage to stay sober enough to document the entire night. HAHA
but I had a lot of fun tho!!! Almost EVERYONE was there and it was the first night after touching down from Bangkok and straightaway it was party already. Oh gawd. 
I need a real detox quite badly to get rid of all the toxins in my system :S
Just realized I have quite a bit of posts lined up to blog about. AHHH *pulls hair*
Need to remind myself to update more frequently hehe, and yes yes don't worry I have another new vlog to be up in a day or 2 so be patient ;)

Guess that's it for my visuals. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKENDS!!! 
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Cya on my next post to be up later at 8PM!!! :D