June 12, 2013


Gonna be doing an advert pot today! So feast your eyes and be prepared for some shopping to do! ;)
Made of dreams, passion and a lil’ style. 
“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

The White Carousel is an online fashion boutique based in Singapore.  
The products retailing on www.thewhitecarousel.com are lovingly handpicked by the TWC team across the globe, we only bring in pieces that we truly believe in, so hope you love them as much as they do!

I've been helping out with TWC's studio shoots and their collections never fail to amaze me! 
Each session I would see the owner *K lugging a huge luggage packed with lots and lots of apparels, and not to mention they have so many variety which suits all the different types of styles us girls have!
It is one webstore where it's really hard to NOT find something that you'll like ;)
recently TWC have just launched their most recent Sweet Nothings Collection
here are some of the items that I really like!
Am totally digging the prints on this top!!! I've seen checked boxes.. polka dots but haven't came across arrows, hence this piece really got my attention :) 

Florals and the current season, definitely won't go wrong! And especially with the intense heat, donning something sleeveless can really keep you cool! 
Also, not forgetting these uber cute and lovely bracelets!!! I love the purple and pink ones and if you realized they all have little tiara charms on them. Mad love!!!
TWC has also kindly sponsored me 2 apparels of my choice for this advert :)

First apparel I picked was the Larissa Striped Tennis Skirt
Okay.. so it's isn't exactly a skirt but a pair of shorts under the flair which makes it look like a skirt as well! Decided to pick this as I've seen them around but have always contemplated on whether it will look weird when worn. So it wasn't until I saw the model wearing it when I realized they're actually damn nice!!! So no regrets for picking this pair, I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!
After wearing this pair, I actually went out and got myself a pair of black one hehe. 
Really super happy with my choice of picking this pair, can forsee myself wearing more of these kinda shorts from now on  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Next I picked one of the pieces I've featured under my personal favorite from the recent collection,
and it's the Ashlynn Arrows Top
Ever since I've been sent this top I've actually worn it out 2-3 times already and I couldn't agree more with the versatility of this top. First off I love how the material is stretchable and really lightweight.
Next, the prints make the top stand out from an ordinary basic tee! You can pair this with so many types of bottom to achieve many different looks!!!
I've worn this with, high-waisted shorts... basic black shorts and a pair of high-waisted pants!
As you can see here for this advert I've paired it with a pair of skater skirt. Lovin this look!!!

Am really satisfied and happy with my choices and the apparels, Thank You so much TWC 
And here's a treat for you guys!!!
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TWC will choose 5 lucky winners and announce who they are on their Facebook Page

Also for my lucky readers!!! Here's your treat at the end of every advert ;)
Quote "DonnaForTWC" for 10% off regular priced items. 
TWC also offers free local normal postage for their mailees, so join their mailing list here

Alternatively, you can also find The White Carousel at their various social media sites,
Instagram: @thewhitecarousel



"Acid Catalogue is an online fashion store based in Singapore founded in March 2013. We aim to provide girls with an extensive selection of apparels and accessories to cater to every occasion and events at affordable prices. Rest assure that we handpick only the best quality and fashionable pieces! "

Expect to find a more sophisticated choice of clothes over at Acid Catalogue. I noticed that there're more monochrome hues for them, a really safe choice of clothing picks for those who aren't used to wearing bold and loud colors, or for those who favors black and whites, this is one store you wouldn't want to miss checking out! 

I was allowed to pick 2 apparels from their store and here was what I picked!

Yes yes, me and my outerwear. Hehe, this is the Louise Chiffon Blazer in Black!
I figured I could use a blazer of a lighter material, one which wouldn't kill me in his weather hahaha
This is the very first piece of chiffon blazer I'e owned and I love it! Not only is it black (which means it would go with almost EVERYTHING...) I like how it's padded at the shoulders as well hehe
So it's doesn't look so limp, seeing that it's chiffon.. and it structures your shoulders too(人´∀`*)

second pick would be the Garcia Assymetrical Top

Aside from it being a plain black tee, I like how it's different with the asymmetrical hems
and of course not forgetting the surprise peekaboo slit at the back! I chose to wear this with a bright/different colored bottom so that you can see the details of the back!

Yay to 2 new black colored apparels in my wardrobe!!!
I cannot emphasize on how MANY pieces of black apparels I have, love black too too too much!

Thank You Acid Catalogue for these wonderful pieces 
Check out the ongoing promotion that Acid Catalogue has for you guys!
Yes that's right! Join their mailing list and stand to receive a free necklace on your first purchase :)

You can also find Acid Catalogue on their various social media sites:
I'm sure this web-store needs no introduction, they've been around since ISCREWEDYOURBOYFRIEND and now widely known as YOUNG HUNGRY FREE
YOUNG HUNGRY FREE is one of the few webstores around who has never fail to amaze me with their collections and super wonderful apparels! I love them for I can see myself wearing most of what they have as it's really similar to my style choices for clothing. 
Definitely one of the top webstores in my favorite lists!!! Will never forget them :) 

Here are some of my personal favorites from their New Arrivals
 (above) I've seen these shorts around on Instagram and I always tell myself how lovely they are!
I always thought it was a skirt!!! Not until I saw these in real life, super love them!
Not forgetting how they help make you the illusion of skinnier legs hehe 

 (below) This dress has definitely caught my eye with the side detailing! 
I can totally picture myself wearing it as a pinafore tho, with a white tee inside and maybe throwing on a cap with a pair of sneakers for a more street look hehe. 
but I like it on it's own too, just like how YOUNG HUNGRY FREE has styled it ;) 
I realized it comes in Polka Dots too!!! Would totally go for the polka dotted one, hehe ;D
YOUNG HUNGRY FREE also posts their latest news and updates on their facebook page here
Do "LIKE" their page to show them your support and keep up with their newest arrivals! 

You can also find them at their various social media sites,


There there, I hope you enjoyed this post! Will be updating more daily visuals in a day or two!
Don't forget to come back ;)

also.... Happy TGIW guys!!! For the party owls who're heading out tonight,
you know where to go *winks* See you if I see you!!!