June 28, 2013


Earlier this month my mum planned a BBQ on our roof garden!
Ever since we've moved I think this has been our..... 3rd or 4th BBQ session? 
Always improving after everytime to make sure our guests and relatives feels at their best!

Best BBQ food prepared by my mum and aunt, made with so much love..
and and for desserts, I had too-darn-awesome cupcakes ;)
 with 2 boxes, 1 box was wiped up within minutes after I opened it!
Super quick okay, and everyone loved it!!!
 coincidentally it was a close family friend's bday so we had a cake as well..

so lemme share with you guys where my yummy cupcakes were from, none other than... *drumrolls*
"My Sister’s Bakes (MSB) is the brainchild of two sisters who simply loves baking and eating cakes. 
What's special about us is that we use premium quality ingredients (we use only French butter and extra large eggs) and we're generous with the fillings inside our cupcakes
Our cakes are baked fresh on the day of your order too!"
This is my second time working with the owner of MSB and she is an absolute darling!
I was allowed to choose 3 flavors and so I picked Red Velvet with Nutella, 
also I told her to recommend me some other flavors and through her recommendations I picked 
Lemon Meringue and Chocolate Chip w Buttercream topping.
 She had them specially delivered to my door on the day of my BBQ and I was given 2 boxes full of
yummy and delicious cupcakes!!! I received them in the morning but was resisting the temptation to eat it first as I wanted to share it with everyone at the BBQ! 
 Check out them yummy cupcakes!!! 
Honestly after opening the box, so many hands reached for them that I think by a minute or less the entire boxed was wiped clean. Haha thank god I kept another box downstairs for later,
Of all the flavors I've got to admit that my favorite would be the 
Chocolate Chip with Buttercream Topping!
At MSB, they have 2 types of cream: the normal buttercream that you find anywhere else and the Swiss Meringue Buttercream that is more buttery, smooth, and less sweet. On the Chocolate Chip cupcake would be the second option, which makes sense as it didn't taste TOO sweet!
I cannot even begin to explain how awesome it tastes! Within the cupcake, expect to find chunks of chocolate chips, the cupcake is moist and tasty. I really love how it isn't too sweet as well!
Look even Bijou wants a taste of it..... but too bad he can't have chocolate ;( 
I told E* (1 of the owners of MSB) that occasionally I would crave for her cupcakes then feel damn sian cos it's not readily available (like I can get in stores if crave it) and I will just think of it.... and like daydream about her cakes. Hahahaha damn pig!!! But honestly it's really super nice!!!
If you guys are looking to order cupcakes you have GOT TO TRY MY SISTER BAKES!!!
No regrets! 
Now I just made myself hungry by staring at the pictures ;( 

MY SISTER BAKES is currently having a 6 pcs box promo for their cupcakes,
Deluxe cupcakes will go for $16 and premium cupcakes will go for $22 per box! 

Quote "Donna" to get 10% off any purchase, or to purchase a 6" standard cake with rosette piping (only choc or vanilla flavored with standard SMB flavors i.e. no cream cheese) 
at only $30 instead of the usual price of $38
Email them at mysisterbakes@gmail.com to place your orders now! :)

You can also find them at their various social media sites:
Instag: @mysisterbakes

Here's also a shout-out for
"at Shopdiygalore, we offer you the latest fashion trends and wide range fashion products to satisfy your fashion desires. We believe in bringing out the best in fashion and introducing these products to everyone. We aim to serve each and every customer to the very best"

I was allowed to pick an item from their webbie and I picked the 
Polka Dot has got to be one of my weakness when it comes to clothing.. alongside sweaters and outerwears, my eyes are automatically focused on whatever form of polkadots. Hahahaha
so in order to catch my attention while shopping, as long as I see a shop with polka dots, I'm sooooo walking inside. Even if it's something I wouldn't buy, I'm happy being able to walk in and see it lol!
No surprises why I picked this piece while I was browsing their new arrivals ;)
Love the fitting of this romper cos it's slightly oversized on the sleeves and thigh area
material is really soft as well so it's really comfortable! Not to mention, it's a romper!!!
Super love rompers cos... it's one whole piece so no fussing on matching tops and bottoms ;)
took this with me on my most recent bangkok trip and wore it there as well!
Pictures will be up soon ;)

Thank You so much SHOPDIYGALORE for this wonderful piece :) 
Recently, SHOPDIYGALORE have also collaborated with AshinCans and came up with their very own exclusively manufactured designs!
 featuring their Oasis Bare Back Maxi Dress, and Rebel Cut-Out Romper
both designs comes in colors such as Black, White, Blue and Red!

I really really like the romper! Especially the crisscross details at the side ;) 
This collaboration pieces have been released on the 23rd June'13 and is now available here

Hurry head over to SHOPDIYGALORE to start shopping now, there's so many nice clothing for you to choose from the choices are endless!

And as for my readers, quote "Donna" upon checking out and receive a 5% off your total bill!

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