June 4, 2013


Back with some visuals from last month! 
Here's on a random Friday last month, spent my weekend at the airport all ready to pick SX up who was abroad at Taiwan for NS. And how dyaaaaaa like my new tee?!?!?!?
Uh huh, uh huh. Cannot be more me right? It's like a uniform made for me!!!
I was randomly walking through Bugis St when I saw this tee and immediately jammed brake and reverse... walked into the shop and realized it's only SGD$10!?!??! Immediately bought it in 2 colors, both white and black. There was like pink and blue also but... if I buy all a bit enthu right. LOL
But come to think of it I wouldn't mind gg back to buy all the colors now cos they're so comfy!!!

Swee Choon after for supper! 

I ate super little that night ok. Don't judge me. Lol

Whoohooo, Xiongsy after a month of training in TW!
Next day we headed over to the SEA Aquarium!!! 
Was super excited okay, I've been anticipating this day since it opened hehe 
Upon reaching... the queue was mad okay. damn long. Would advise you to get your tickets online first, especially if you're heading there on a weekend. If not, be prepared to join the rest in the q!
Polka dotted pinafore c/o SHOPJENITH :)

I realized when you walk in it's the Maritime Museum first, lots of ancient stuff.. literally walked right past cos honestly I couldn't be bothered and it was far too crowded. I just want to see fishies!!!

Ok, one more warning. Upon reaching the actual entrance of the aquarium, the queue ah........
We bought the express pass right away for $10 each and skipped the entire q-ing process, LOL 
trust me. $10 well spent, hehe.
Wheeeee, so pretty okay!!! 

Time for visual spam!

The interactive pond. Honestly I was hoping that there would be stingrays for us to feed.
I LOVE STINGRAYS BTW. And when I saw no stingrays immediately sian x1000 

Wheeeeee, love jellyfishes as well! 

The viewing area is so damn huge... omg and they have HUGE STINGRAYS!!!!!! 
Like the one you see in Finding Nemo, the one that fetches Nemo to school yknow? *faints*
I also wanna sit on a stingray la please :( 
one of my favourite tanks, such pretty colored corals :O

The striped fishes you see below... they are some hardcore stoner fish okay. It's like they barely move, and they just stay in one spot zzz super weird!!!

and this tank has got to be my ultimate favorite!!!
The colors of the fishes are way tooooooo pretty I couldn't stop exclaiming infront of the tank haha
there's like bright pink, yellows... purple etc. WAY TOO CHIO!

Overall I was quite happy with the entire experience! Really surprised that it was so big too!!!
But I wouldn't go again luh..... not anytime near the future, I realized there were lot's of repeated fishes haha so there wasn't anything special or whatsoever that would draw me back. 
However, if you haven't been there it's a place where you can check out tho! Hehe

THAAAAAAAAT pretty much sums up my trip to the SEA Aquarium hehe x

S.E.A Aquarium
$33 Adult 
$23 Child (4-12yr) 
$23 Senior (60yrs & above)

Resorts World™ Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway 
Singapore 098269
Daily, 10am - 7pm, Last admission 6.30pm
*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are based solely on my experience*