June 6, 2013


Happy Thursday everyone, how is your week going? :)
I ish back today with a new VLEEK!!!
Nothing special, just me talking (what's new) and talking.... and talking..
Didn't know what vlog to do so I hastily filmed one last night, better than nothing right? Lol!

No hatin' on em brows k...... *stares at you with intense gaze*

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Next up!!!

Founded in January 2013, Equilibrium is an Singapore-based online boutique 
providing apparel & accessories for both men and women. 
Every single item has been hand-picked from all around the world and they strive to bring you the most fashion-forward & quality products
Back with introducing a new web-store for you guys to keep your eyes on :)
So I've been working and shooting for SE ever since their debut and it's nice to see them come all they way to they are today! Just within a few months and they've been doing so well!!! 

I've seen their collections and won't deny that they do bring in a selection of clothing which is perfect for everyday wear for almost everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE as they also do cater for 
both men and women! Super thoughtful for the guys yea? ;) 

SE will be launching their latest collection tomorrow (New weekly launches on Fridays at 12PM)
and here's featuring some of my favorite picks!
Not sure if laziness has always been in the way of me and the 'convenience of dressing up'
but recently I've been digging "matchy-matchy set outfits" like the one above cos it saves me the trouble of thinking of what to match my tops and bottoms with. Just buy a set and wear it together,
super convenient?!? Hahahaha, be it lazy or not I really liked this set above. Really cute :) 

Denim- Never gets old. Goes with everything, me likey hehe. Digging this pair of jeans!
Also, this really sweet dress which I would totally wear if I was skinnier :(
I love the cut out details on the waist!!! And the color is totally perfect for the season :)
Wear it to the beach, wear it to town, wear it to a party and throw on a jacket.. wear it anytime!!!
Must remind myself to lose weight so I can wear nice dresses like these. Haaaa.
Thanks to SE I was able to pick an apparel from their web-store,
Here's me in their Floral Embroidery Top!
Cannot emphasize how happy I was when I picked this, mainly because I've been wanting to buy this top when I saw it while shopping but I never went back to the shop. Saw it online but forgot to checkout :/ So when I could pick something, in the back of my mind I knew I had to pick this!!!
(as I remembered shooting this for them hehe)
Love love love the floral details!!! And I was super surprised with the quality of the top as it's actually 
not the standard chiffon/mixed cotton material, it's actually more of a thicker polyester so the fit of the top is really nice!!! The one I wanted to buy was actually on a normal tee with a similar cut so thank god I didn't buy that!!! This piece was wayyyyyyyy better! :)
Thank You so much SE and the owners *you know who you are ;) for this top *jup jup!
SE will be stocking up their apparels at BLOGSHOPPING (advert for them here)
from 11th July onwards at Far East Plaza. So happy to know that they'll be putting their stuff there!
Best place in FEP to shop okay, so remember to go support them when they're up ;)

Lastly for you babies, "QUOTE DONNA or PONY" and receive $1 off upon checking out!
You can also check them out and receive their latest updates from their Facebook Page 

Head over to start shopping!!!