July 16, 2013


 I'm sure most of us girls have concerns with our skin, be it acne, dry and oily skin etc..
and we all know how precious our face and complexion can be. With problem skin not only does it look unsightly but it hurts us mentally and emotionally, not to mention it affects our level of confidence as well. To ensure that I don't let anything bad happen to my face, I maintain it with masking regularly and eating healthy. Also, monthly facials do play an important role with helping my skin and today I'll be here to share and introduce to you-  Asian Skin Solutions :)

about 2 weeks ago I was invited to Asian Skin Solutions for a facial experience
I've heard so much about this place that I was super stoked to test their services out!
As the name suggests 'Asian Skin' Solutions, most of the treatments offered at Asian Skin Solutions are catered specially to Asian skin and customized down to your specific skin type! For those who didn't know Asian and Caucasian skin is totally different, so what works for them might not work for us.
At Asian Skin Solutions you don't have to worry as you have your skin in the right hands :)

After a brief introduction on the place we went right into analyzing my skin to find out what problems I have and then deciding on what treatment works best for my skin. 

I had such a fun time doing the skin analysis as most of the results surprised me!
All along I guess I was wrong about certain parts of my skin and the results showed me what were the real problems I had with my skin.
So as you can see from the chart above I have uneven, oily and pigmented skin. 
Not to mention open pores as well... urgh the sound of 'open pores' makes me sick already ;( 
Aware of this problem of mine and I really would like to get it fixed *frowns*

So after the skin analysis, we finally came to a conclusion of the treatments that I was going to received and I proceeded straight to get my facial done!
What I've always loved about beauty treatments are their treatment rooms. The best treatment rooms are those whereby which you feel totally confortable and at home in. I loved the room in Asian Skin Solutions as the atmosphere and ambience inside was just nice, the bed was comfortable and the blankets were so fluffy!!! I just wanted to roll myself in and sleep there for as long as possible ;)
No doubt I fell into a deep sleep during the treatment and never got disturbed as the whole process was so nice and gently done that I slept super soundly. After my session ended, I requested to re-analyze my skin again as I wanted to see if there was a change and to my amazement.. there was!!!
My moisture level remained high at 61
Skin elasticity remains good and pigmentation levels decreased,

And check out the final results after one treatment!!! No kidding, so much has improved!
If you can see most of the red dots have moved closer to the middle (which is the best range) whereas if you compare if with before...
Yep, all the red dots were scattered all over the chart. I was super happy with the results!

I had really nice and glowing skin which was noticeable immediately after the treatment and I couldn't be happier!!! I had 0 make up on and it still looks amazing.
Thank You so much Asian Skin Solutions for the wonderful experience! 

The results didn't only last for a day, check out this picture I snapped a day after with zero make up 
(besides mascara). I left my face bare, no sun block whatsoever. BARE NAKED!!!
My skin was glowing and it looks radiant and pretty! All thanks to Asian Skin Solutions :) 

Now now I know, all good things has to be shared no? 
Here's a special promotion that I'll be sharing with you guys! for 

Asian Skin Solutions Fair & Clear July Promotion 
 • $10 1 x Silky Milk Facial + Bright-Eyes Treatment
 • First 50 to receive : FACE, NECK, SHOULDER, HEAD MASSAGE instead of $988

Terms and Conditions:
x Above 18 years old and above only (male and female) x
x Strictly by appointment only x
x Promotion valid for 2 months x

For more enquiries you can call Asian Skin Solutions at 6767 0077 
 find them at their various outlets located at
Parkmall, 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
Bugis Village, 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425