July 4, 2013


Back with visuals for Part II of May's Bangkok trip! Heh heh brace yourself for another long post ;)
Another Hound Cafe for lunch! This is located at Siam Paragon, Another Hound serves food that's more of a fusion between Thai and Western food!

Price range of the food here would be slighter costlier as compared to the ones you get at the streetside stalls (eg. 50THB) here's like an average of 250THB for a main dish. I mean still affordable and cheap as compared to Singapore but comparing it with the good streetside hawkers you're paying alot more la

These Greyhound wings are a MUST!!!

I never dared try Squid Ink... anything. Anything that's this black is not going into my mouth lol
but according to the boys this wasn't as good, too peppery for their liking!

The one and only main dish I'll order everytime I'm there. It's some prawn champignon pasta... 
sorry I'm super bad with names but this is good!!! :) 

After the crazy weekend, it calls for some shopping!!! No surprises that the first place I went to was Platinum Fashion Mall. I mean that's where you get all the wholesale deals etc.. Plus I tend to buy ALOT so wholesale would probably be more worth it for me as well. Lol 
Just full of smiles cos I get to shop. Lol, cong had the honor of picturing my happy experience lol!
This time I didn't buy much tho, I think I pretty much bought everything that I wanted from my previous few trips that I'm basically left with nothing. Hahahaha

For those who've asked, usually I'll prepare about $1.2k to spend (excl. airtix and accm)
I spend about $$4-500 on apparels, and with that amount I can get MANY PIECES k so don't judge, I always buy clothes to like.. stock up at home. Hahahahahahaha so yea, if you aren't a heavy shopper like me I don't think you have to bring that much!
 On average clothing are aout 250THB wholesale, if you buy per piece they can range from 300THB and abv so... obviously wholesale is more worth it uh
BUT if you have nothing else to buy, then just pay the 1 piece price rather than buying wholesale and not wearing the other pieces that you FORCED yourself to get just so you can get wholesale... get it? 
Hahahahahaha learnt my lesson there ;) 

Last group  shot before Elroi leaves for the airport, he went home 2 days before us ;(
Yeaaaa this was probably taken whilst having a break after scouring the whole Platinum for nice clothing.. I was damn bummed because I bought super little zzz
I think we were done with Platinum pretty late so after that we headed back to the hotel and pretty much just bummed and stayed in for the rest of the night! 

Moving on to a new day... Since I was pretty much done with my shopping 
(super proud that I took only half a day at Platinum lol) it was the boys turn to shop!

First we headed to Union Mall! 
For those who haven't been to Union Mall, it isn't exactly within Pratunam area.. You gotta travel out of Pratunam and it's about 15mins away? Nothing much to buy there tho cos most of the stuff you find you can get at Platinum at cheaper prices, it's just that SX wanted to go and see if there's any stuff he could get~

Had AnW for lunch, Root beer float!!! *noms*
As expected, I ended up with nothing to buy except for this Panda Beanie which you'll see below.
We got so bored of Union that we left within 2 hours or so? Despite walking the whole place ok!!! 
Nothing to buy AT ALL, left for Terminal 21 instead where the boys bought lots of stuff.. 
My super sian face at the end of the day, tired with the only thing I bought that day which is on my head... hahahaha damn sad please. 

To turn my day around I suggested dessert! At none other than... After You!
I don't care how sinful this is, this is a place I am going to KEEP GOING BACK TO whenever I'm back in Bangkok. I would run off all the calories I consume cos the desserts there are too good to say no to! Sigh, blogging this is such a torture, I want After You NOW.
I'm guessing that their signature dessert would be the Shibuya Honey Toast but I decided to try out their Nutella Toast and omg.. 100001% no regrets.
Denise ordered pancakes and cong ordered his choco lava cake,
Didn't bother trying out the rest cos I was madly in love with the Nutelle Toast... oh my my my *drools*

After You
Siam Paragon, Basement/Ground Floor (Food level) 

The next day was our last day. 
d r e a d i n g i t s o b a d c o s i d i d n t w n a g o h o m e ; (

for our final meal I suggested Roast again, cos they have yummy egg bennies!!! Hehe

At Roast you can get All Day Breakfast, they also have a lunch and dinner menu for you to choose from, I really love their food cos it's super good and they never fail keep up with their service and quality of food! This is one of the restaurants that I will always go back to when I'm in Bangkok too!

Cos we were all so famished.. we ordered whatever works and looks yummy.
Started out with pancakes with.. bacon. Haha, the pancakes were nice and fluffy!!! 

First time trying this, it's Duck confit if I'm not wrong and it's so so so good!!!

Can't remember what this is but it's also some kinda benedict.. just with a different ingredient haha

All American Breakfast.... omg the eggs......
omg seriously blogging this the very firs thing in the morning is doing major damage to my stomach and taste buds. It's making me super hungry ;(

*kneels on ground, put both hands into air*

Oh sorry am I making you hungry? ;P 
There was a total of 7 or 8 of us in total and we had a great heart breakfast/last meal at Roast,
super glad we managed to squeeze out time to head back there to eat before heading off to the airport

2/F Seenspace, Thonglor Soi 13

Fast forward through all the hustle and bustle we were finally seated in the plane back to SG :(
just sulking and whining the entire way back ok. Haha I began complaining and whining about coming back I think 2 days ago already, so imagine how bummed I was on the plane. Moody max!

And yes, Byebye +66. It was always a joy to be back in Bangkok x

So I hope you picked up a thing or 2 from this post! I tried to be as detailed as possible so I won't get spammed with BKK questions on ask.fm... OMG my ask.fm is like some Thai Tourism Board based in SG and I'm the admin in charge of answering questions. Lol not that I hate it but some of the questions I've answered many times so I would appreciate it if some of you could take the time to scroll down and see if I've answered your question alright? :)

So if this post isn't enough... fret not. I have another post on my trip in June, LOL
For now that's all I have for Bangkok for you guys! Hehe