July 1, 2013


here's a little post featuring some of the places around Singapore that I'll tend to visit when I'm out with my closest friends, just sitting around and chatting over drinks/food. I think I'm quite over the phase of heading to town to walk around...shop etc.. I'd still do that but really less often as compared to before. Right now I'm either chilling and sipping teh somewhere, or partying my ass off. 

So no doubt I'll have my fair share of brunch places, this time it's Maison Ikkoku

 brunch date with dearest Ju after her stayover at my place, apparently this woman is also a sucker for brunch places, next time I can go egg hunting with her. Haha
 Maison only serves all day breakfast on weekends tho! Thank god we were there on a Sunday but sadly for me egg bennys were sold out. So I tried an alternative which was..... I can't exactly remember but instead of ham they replaced it with mushrooms
I didn't really like it tho, left a weird aftertaste in my mouth. I think I'd be happier sticking to my egg bennys, haha. Judith ordered something similar but I think she said hers was okay only~
Not sure if it was our unlucky day or what but we just weren't exactly feeling the food, haha I've been here before and had their egg bennies and they tasted great! Maybe it's the chef or something.. *shrugs*
 Nevertheless it's a really great place to chill, aside from the usual brunch menu they have a great selection of cakes, tarts, for the coffee lovers I think you might like the place cos I've seen the many types of ways they make their coffee, quite interesting! Nice ambience and a great place to catch up with your friends over a simple meal :) 

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885
Tel: +65 6294 0078
I'm sure the next place would come as no surprise to you guys...
Where else but Thomson! Nothing much about this place, they serve your usual pratas.. and selection of muslim food. You can find your nasi goreng, mee goreng etc all within a stall. 

 I guess we were there mainly cos this boy here finally returned from the +66 after a few months and he was craving lots of local food.. which explains the prata. lol

 One plus point about this place is that it's 24 hours! So if your prata craving kicks in on the weirdest hours in the night you'll know where's one place you can go!

The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Road
On that same night, crossed over to have desserts at Ice Edge Cafe,
 I think by then most of us were pretty stuffed by then so we ordered only 2 dishes.

I'm very particular when it comes to waffles. So far the best waffles I've tasted were the ones at Shokudo (cine) but they kinda suck now after they did some revamping to their restaurant,not sure if it's a change of management or whatsoever? Haha but yea.
For the waffles at Ice Edge there're not that bad! If you like crispy ones theirs are crispy alright, I prefer mine soft and fluffy hehe. 
Ice Edge do serve food and all sorts but my friends told me that they're always here for their desserts, apparently the Chocolate Lava Cake is a MUST. Not a fan of lava cakes so I didn't try it but if you are maybe you can head down and give it a shot! :) 

Ice Edge Cafe
203 Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 574344
Yeap, just some of the few places I've been to! Just thought I'd share since I know many Singaporeans are 'foodies' and it'll be great for you guys to have new places to check out. Most of these places I've been to, it's also my first time there. Seems like my bunch of friends are food enthusiasts so through them I kinda discover new places and all. Heh so will keep track of more of my food experiences and share them with you people! Hope you enjoyed! :)