July 14, 2013


Today I'll be blogging about my most recent and FIRST ever road trip (with friends) to KL!!!
It was quite an impromptu trip and I was super excited cos I've never been on a roadrip with friends before hehe, plus this time we're going to KL! Not JB!!! 
Super super stoked, hehe. KL is about.... a 6 hours drive away (the last time my parents drove they took about 6hours or so) but of course with the boys they only took 4. Haha 
We entered JB at around 6 ish so by the time we were there it was night time already. Super dark and scary as most parts of the highway didn't have street lamps! Since I was sitting infront I had to stay awake and talk to Cong so he wouldn't fall asleep. LOL I ended up singing the entire trip? 
Like concert ok!!!

By the time we reached it was about.. 10 ish or so. We were crashing at Ah Fai's for this trip so no hotels! After unloading our stuff we went to eat at a Jap restaurant nearby. Haha I have no idea where is where in KL as the last time I came was eons ago and I have no clue on how to get around etc.
Feels super foreign!!! Although it's so nearby but compared to Thailand I think I know Bangkok so much better than I know KL hahah!

 Dinner time! Everyone was starving by then, no one prepared food for the journey at all! Lol

I had Tempura udon, felt super cheated cos there was only ONE tempura!!! 
And the noodle was super maggie-like, I could have prepared this at home and bought the tempura from outside or something. Haha

Okay so.. sole intention for this trip was basically to party la. Haha and to attend a store opening which was on the last day.. BUTTTT party first! I was super excited to check out KL's Zouk! 
Heard so much about it hehe. But on Friday we ended up at Neverland KL and another club which I forgot it's name. Lol
 Us at Neverland! I totally didn't have any partying vibes at all for that particular weekend,
no matter how much I drank I just sat down..stoned and people watched. Hahaha 
 Realized I didn't even take much photos whilst I was there/partying lol. I think I was too...lazy. 
But yes, I had my fair bit of fun tho! First night ended rather quickly, couldn't wait to go back and crash tho. Hahah me and my "i can't wait to go back and concuss after partying" syndrome zz

It was almost evening when we headed out to grab our first meal of the day, Fai brought us to 
(im sorry cos I really have no clue where we went again) to have chinese food! 

 Yay! Soup to sooth the hungover tummies hehe. I love the food here, reminds me of home-cooked dishes which I miss terribly :( 

After which we went to the Town area for some shopping!

This is the place that made me fall in love with KL. 
Not sure if it's the environment or what but it reminds me of Japan? It's like a 'Little Japan'
Whatever it is, the whole atmosphere is so.......... (can't find a word to explain) but whatever it was I felt super happy to be there and I just want to walk the entire place and shop forever haha

 went to h&m and apparently they were havning some sorta major sale? The entire place was packed with people and I was quite annoyed cos it was really super hard to shop with the place being so packed and messy! 
 Yep that's me, just smiling widely with my purchases. 
 Aunty Face^ LOL

while editing I found this pic in my camera...
I just cannot stand it, it's like....... the resemblance is not even funny. 
One day I couldn't take it anymore I just told him "eh..... you look super like Gary" LOL
of cos he refuses to agree, he claims he's way more alert than Gary himself. 
btw, no we're not dating. LOL. he is honestly like my brother from another mother
look! check us out in 2008, that's how long we've known each other man
YEP. br0s 4 lif3xx!!!! 
Hahahahahahhhhahahhahahha omg what an old and.............. horrid pic of us!!! *cringe*
this is probably got to be my best buy from the trip. Costed me about SGD$10 or so from h&m
I was so damn happy okay, cos it's like..... SGD10 ONLY. OMG.
And not sure what my brain was thinking while I was packing for KL, 
all I brought for a hand-carry-out-and-around-bag was a clutch and it was annoying holding a clutch and shopping so thank god for this bag I can practically dump everything inside! Hooray!
 Btw I went to h&m SG yesterday and I saw this bag on sale too.... but at $20!!!
Bwaaahahahahhah can you imagine what I was thinking "WAAAAAAA SHIOK SAVE $10"
cannot stand it, can't stand myself also. Damn aunty!!!! Hahahahah

 After shopping for a bit we stopped for crepe and bubble tea, the guys are like obsessed with this bb tea in KL called Chatime. Everyday must drink!!!
 After shopping we went back to rest and and prepped for our second/last night of partying,
this time saw us back at Neverland again

Yet again another... no party vibe night for me again. Haha not sure what is wrong with me this time round it's like the whole entire time I was stoning at the performance and people watching.
Despite drinking more than 10 glasses of beer I think I peed 8 glasses out and remained completely sober........ I think my body just refuses to co-ordinate with my brain :/

but of course, I still had to check out KL's Zouk so we headed there after..
before I went there I told the guys, "i don't care how tourist it is of me but I GOT TO take a picture with the Zouk sign" Hahahahah and yes we did it!!! Woohoo!
 Went around and explored the entire club. It's like I really go there to visit and 'look-see' like as if zouk was a museum. Haha I didn't even drink or party I was just people watching the whole time haha
but I realized ZoukKL as compared to SG is super different! All 3 rooms were playing the same type of music lol! I find this more messier tho..... kinda defeats the purpose of the different rooms?
 Nevertheless it was quite a sight. I saw a cute guy while people watching hehehehehehe lol!
 left shortly after for supper before heading back to crash again!!!

 Woke up early the next day to attend Ah fai sister's shop anniversary
 She runs a beauty parlor which caters to beauty and aesthetic services
I love her shop!!! It has this Spring-time/garden feel, lots of florals and there's this warm and garden-y
ambience to the entire place :)
 Had buffet style lunch and as usual, we all were starving again!!! Haha

Chatime again in the noon!
 This particular Chatime cafe is decorated so nicely! I wished SG has more chill places like these... which aren't packed with people! Everywhere in Singapore is crowded man. Omg.
 After spending half the afternoon there we headed over to Bazzaro's new opening!

 Bazzaro is a boutique which newly opened in Bangsar, they carry apparels accessories and shoes for both male and females. Surprisingly quite a few labels are from SG!
 Also to my surprise, Sofie's brand HUNGOVER SUNDAYS also has a rack there!!!
So prouda bb! Has her merchandise all the way over at KL, damn zai *thumbs up* Haha
 by the time we were done with the opening it was about evening! We had tea followed by dinner with a few other KL friends whom I met on the trip. We had a nice and fulfilling dinner before heading back to prepare for our long drive back to SG~

We left KL pretty late, set off at about 10ish.. I had such a heavy dinner that I literally food coma-ed in the car, made myself a nest at the back seat and concussed all the way home. Hahahahahahahah 
I was such a pig throughout the trip, which is partially one of the reasons why I'm on such a strict detox/diet now. Gotta loseeeeee all that I've gained over the past week! >;(

I had so much fun throughout the trip and the experience was amazing!!!
 Here's a big HELLO to all my readers in Malaysia, heh *waves* 
I love KL and I can't wait to go back! Hopefully the next time I'll be more enthusiastic and I'll enjoy partying properly there. Hehe.... so till the next time~~~~~~~ I'll miss that place ;')