July 10, 2013


Happy Midweek all!!!
Let's start off this midweek post with a shout-out for SASSYDREAM

SASSYDREAM have just launched their most recent collection a few days ago..
How cute!!! Super love the minions!!!
I've decided to pick a few favorites from their recent collection to feature:

Cupcake and Macarons Dress
This is cute!!! Not to mention the perfect dress for the season. To be honest I've always loved dresses like these, especially if they're fitted at the waist and flair below.. super pretty~
But I have really broad shoulders and I'm not comfortable with my arms so... I won't buy myself dresses like these cos I'll end up not wearing them :/ However I would totally recommend this dress! 
Not to mention the prints are a double plus!

Waist Cut-out Romper
Recently I've had this thing for rompers, my eyes are constantly on the lookout for rompers so when I saw this piece I knew I had to feature it! I like how it strays away from normal casual but this piece you can dress it up and wear it for a more formal occasion, really classy. 
What won me over with this piece was the cut out detailing on the waist, really nice! ;) 

Stripe Peplum
I love this piece the most!!! I love peplums as they give you the illusion of a super tiny waist hehe
The stripe detailing on this top is too cute to ignore, knew it was love at first sight HAAAAA
Definitely a must have for the wardrobe!!!
I also picked 2 pieces from SASSYDREAM to feature and here's me in them,
Quilted Zipper Bralet
Picked this bralet cos it's perfect for layering! I've been layering my outfits recently so I'm always wearing either a cropped top or a basic under my outerwear and this Quilted Zipper Bralet would make a great top for a night out! I also like that it's pvc on the outside :)
Honestly this is probably gonna be one of my wardrobe staples. It matches almost everything I have!
Shorts.. skirts.. jeans.... You name it! ;)

Polka Dotted Denim Skirt
Back with polka dots again but this time it's a skirt! Hehe
my reason for picking this piece would be that I have polka dotted everything but no skirt hence I thought I'd try something new
Fitting is great and I honestly love the material! It's slightly stretchy so if you're afraid that the skirt is gonna burst open after eating/drinking (HAHA i always feel that mine will) you won't have to worry!!!
I find that it's also a really versatile piece, I can wear this with sneakers.. or if I was going to a more dressier event then maybe with black heels. It's totally your choice to dress it up OR down!
Always great to have a versatile piece in your wardrobe ;)

Very much in love with both pieces and thank you SASSYDREAM for sending them over :) 
You can also find SASSYDREAM at their various social media networks here:

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Head over to start shopping today!

Now for some visuals of recent events...
Caught up with Tams Dx Yow and Karei at Genki Sushi over dinner
It's my first time at Genki and I was super amazed at how the food was served?
It's being served on this train conveyor belt thing.. which stops at your table with your food!
Super cute and a really smart way to save on staffing man. Lol
My orders were mainly egg-related..
what's new right. What'sssssss newwwwww mannnnnnn
Hehehe eggarooooos *slurps*
Some scallop thing which tastes.. okay~ Haha I realized scallops have this red/pinkish thing whenever they're served with the shell. It's super gross, looks like a tongue or something LOL
Now lookie here are my babies!!! I've gotten questions on my ask.fm on whether I fought with Dx and Yow just cos we haven't been meeting much.
Never meet doesn't mean fight okay, we're all peace love and rainbows. No fighting!!! (‘∀’●)♡

Desserts after......

Went to catch White House Down after.. SUPER GOOD MOVIE!!!
I think it was way way way better than Olympus Has Fallen, omg..... those who've yet to watch it I honestly think you should GO CATCH IT before it stops showing in cinemas. Way too good to miss!
Here're visuals from another night where I went to JB for dinner with the guys,
I was damn excited cos I was leaving SG!!! Hahahahahhaha okay, even tho JB is like next to SG at least I felt like I left the country. I am a sucker for road trips btw lol.. so yea Jb it was for dinner!

Through Cong's recommendation we headed to this place by the sea. Didn't manage to get the address or whatsoever as it was too dark by the time we got there :/

This place basically serves the normal 'zi-char' food and seafood but at cheaper prices of course..

Overall I find the food pretty so-so.. Not THAT fantastic but okay la. I mean for the price we paid for and the amount we ordered it was really cheap. Other than that, taste wise was mediocre lol!
But yknow... boys will be boys after all. Serve them huge amounts of food and they'll be happy.
That was about it for our random impromptu trip to JB lol.
Speaking of which... I just came back from a weekend road trip to KL!!! Honestly I think KL might rank as my second favorite place to go now, (in my list of... countries near SG)
Can't wait to edit the pics I took and blog about it! I have so many posts lined up I should start updating more frequently. Haha >.<

Okiedokes, I shall end my midweek post (quite abruptly here)
More visuals again in a few days time yea?