August 21, 2013


Yay! Shall start off this week's string of post with Color Run SG!
For those who've followed me on instagram (@ponyyzz) you would have seen that over the weekends I was at Sentosa for Color Run SG! :) For those who haven't got a clue what it is.... basically it's a 
5k run, nothing serious like those major marathon, this one you can do with your friends, families etc 
It's not compulsory to run, you can walk and at different colored zones you'll be 'colored'!

And I couldn't be anymore thankful to Jacky and New Balance/ New Balance SG for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing event, I can't wait for Color Run 2014 to happen! :) 

A few days before the actual run, Tams and I were invited to New Balance (Scape) to pick out our shoes and attire which is all kindly sponsored by New Balance. Super happy cos I get to pick 2 new pairs of running shoes!!! 

 here were the 2 designs which I've picked! Super madly in love with them >.<

 Yay to new shoes and apparels!!! All ready to be fully clad in New Balance hehe ;)

First day of the Color Run'13 SG, we had to report early to start filming with the rest of the international talents for New Balance. For this Color Run, we'll be representing SG in a clip for New Balance for Color Run SG, which explains why we had to be present on both days.

One moment it was super sunny and the next, Cloudy. Filming in the hot sun!!! :(

Day 1's kicks! Hehe

The process of filming, it wasn't easy man! Super tiring as well but it was fun tho!

 Super packed and crowded with people all ready to run and be colored!

First day was really tiring tho, we filmed for quite a bit but I didn't exactly get much color on me.
Was trying to dodge the colors haha, can say Day #1 was more of a day to 'test-water' 

Day #2 we were all more prepared and hyped up! Gathered at NB's office first while the boys get
their hair and make up done. Tams and I got approval to do ours ourselves haha!

Kicks for the second day!

Upon reaching, filming commenced immediately and right away we were being colored. Even way before the race started we were the only people there being all colored up hahahahah 

attempted like ten thousand jump shots!!! Super tedious, lol! But I can't wait to see the pics when they come out, I hope they'll look nice. We did put in quite alot of effort to make sure we get it right!

Didn't take many pictures after cos we were really too busy, and when the run started we were filming as well. Haha but Day #2 was definitely so much better as compared to the previous day, I think it was cos we were much more enthusiastic as compared to Day #1. Hehe

Filmed till evening and after the run and by then we were all fully colored up!!!
I was even soaked as someone went to throw a pail of water on me on the finishing line, damn suay.

Yep, that's us beyond recognition towards the end. Haha
The pigment of the powder and colors are so dark that till now I'm still slightly patchy from the run, 
no kidding. And it's not that I didn't bathe ah.... I exfoliated and scrubbed but they still wont go :/

We had a hotel at Festive after whereby we washed up and crashed till the following day
It was honestly one of my weekends well spent, not to mention a HEALTHY one as well ;)
Can't wait for the official photos and videos to be up! Once they're out I will definitely post them here!
Truly enjoyed myself and once again would like thank New Balance for the opportunity