August 29, 2013


Finally for those who've been waiting for a post on my brows... here you go!

Okie, I hope the video made the process sightly clearer. I'm sorry that it's quite long, haha 
I think I stuttered for quite a bit cos I kept forgetting what I wanted to say :B

For pictures, here are some closer shots of my newly tattooed brows! 
(below) STICKER BROWS haha, these were done on the first day and as you can see they look super
dark, but don't worry it will fade and even out as it heals. I actually just went out that week looking like this, come to think of it I'm really quite brave cos honestly I would have thought I looked very intense with those brows hurhurhur
here's some shot taken with my phone! (below) Right after the procedure!

 Following day... Haha for those who wonder how I head out, I just went out like this?
This was about a few days into the healing process and you can see some scabbing

In total it took about a week for the scabs to fully fall off, and so I let my brows be for about
a month before I decided to go back and get them touched up/darkened

(above) pictures were taken on the day before I went for my touch-up, it is slightly light cos
I took them with camera 360 so it's slightly filtered lol but with my camera it looks like this..
So as you can see, I have nicely shaped brows! And I love that it's super natural!!!
I know how some people shudder at the thought of 'Tattoed Eyebrows' as we see so many people with brows after tattooing them haha. But mine looks nothing like that! 
It's brown and super natural, barely looks like a tattoo :)
*ps/ Please ignore my dry/patchy and horrible skin then!!! It's much better now all thanks to DRx!
(will be doing a post on my skin soon so do keep a look out)
 and here's a snippet of what the process looks like..

 I am honestly super thankful and grateful to Wanxin and her Mum for my pretty brows
She took really good care of me when I was there and made me feel super comfortable throughout the 
entire thing I wasn't the least bit worried cos I knew my brows are in safe hands :)
At Candy Beauty and Art Gallery, the price of this Eyebrow Tattoo that I did is 
SGD $280 inclusive of 1 Touch-up, also remember to mention that you're a reader :)

Would highly recommend you all to head over there if you're thinking of getting your brows done.
Before I was offered this sponsorship I was looking for a place to get mine done but I just can't decide on a place to do it and also from research some places are charging an extravagant price for them too.
Thank god for Candy Beauty and Art Gallery, I have settled with a nice set of brows now!!!

101 Upper Cross Street #03-58 , 
  • People's Park Centre S(058357)
  • Tel: 8100 7353/ 6438 0131

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