August 23, 2013


How timely but.... I guess I'm about almost exactly a month late hehe
but I have so many pictures to deal with that I keep procrastinating editing all and blogging, but no no
told myself I have to clear up all the worked that's piled up by this month!

So just about a month ago, I turned 21!!! *pops confetti*
Although I found no reason to be particularly excited about since.. I'm already legal to do almost everything and the only thing that's new would be to enter the casino? I don't gamble so it's not exactly
a plus point to me. Haha, just another year older and hopefully I get wiser too LOL

I didn't have anything planned (as I said in my previous blog post) so I remembered I was working on
my pre-bday weekend, and my aunt told me she would take me out and send me home after which
wasn't anything suspicious or anything... and upon reaching home I realized there's a party going on..
which is obviously my surprise party!!! I was quite slow, I still thought it was one of the other BBQs that my mum have always been throwing every now and then
and it wasn't until I realized all the guests were.. MY FRIENDS... Super touched and grateful and happy okay, everyone did such a good job keeping it as a secret. 
everything was in place! Decor, food... people I love.. everything!!!
I was so happy, never have I seen my rooftop so 'happening' before okay, I took quite awhile to adjust to everything. heheh was dam surprised and omg.... just... speechless >.<

best part was the HUGEEEE MINION BACKDROP!!!
Omg I was literally trying to hug it when I saw it, hahahahahaha love it soooo much!!!
And of course without my lovely aunt who are the brains behind the surprise, she created a wapp group
chat and added all my friends and planned it together. Thank You Tams for helping photoshop the minions so my aunt could get the backdrop printed 
and if you've realized, you see my aunt is dressed like a minion as well. Hhahaha
and coincidentally when she picked me up from work, I was observing what she wore and I told her
"did you realize you're wearing minion colors, and you look like one also"
HAHHHHHAHHH guess she was dressed for the occasion!
I look super undressed............ and out of point. Pardon me I just ended work that day hence...... yeah.
I was also super happy to see my entire family dressed in theme! Apparently the day before my mum and aunts went out to shop for yellow and blue clothing. Hahahahahahhaha

with my dearest aunts, closest family friends and parents 
with the boys in my family!
and for the first time ever..... here's my dearest baby brother!!!
I don't think he ever agreed to take a proper picture with me (unless forced to haha)

三姐妹s for life!!! 

Next surprise was my cupcakes!!! Minion cupcakes!!! Too cute or what!??!!?!??!
Thank You bb for arranging for them too :)

with my babies and long lost ah di!

best bunch of guys who's been looking out for me all this years and I think some of you have
been there since my.... 16th birthday!?!?! 5 long years!!!! 

AWW, and a special picture with my baby bijou!!!
3 years since you've came into my life and I love you so so so so so much I cannot imagine
not having you ever :')
Family photo!!!
dearest cousin x
and 舅舅!

so after the party it was time for presents and the spotlight was on this!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
mummy told me she went through my birthday post and decided to get me the watch for my bday and
a day before the surprise she went to get it with my dad. Thank You so much Daddy and Mummy for the present, for everything and taking such good care of me throughout these 21 years of my life!
I promise to be the best daughter I can, love you both too much x 
And the rest of my prezzies!
Thanks 姑姑 for the gift from Swarovski, 二姨 and 婆婆 for the Gold key pendant
and my baby girls who knows me best and showered me with Pandora,
Thank You Tamsy Dx Eunice Coco Rachel Joanna Shina Vans!
I also received another Swarovski gift from my baby dolls, Clara Nat Kyla Vanessa
I'm so sorry I haven't been seeing yall lately, but you know I miss each and everyone of you as much x
Also my autographed posted of Alien Huang!!!! (sorry I'm a closet fan girl HAHA) 
along with a bracelet from CZ 舅舅 :)
A huge thank you to everyone for everything, and also for coming! 
It wouldn't be a party without you guys around :')

After the BBQ party we headed to Neverland2 for an after party and also to celebrate Jacky's birthday!
Never have I felt more loved on my birthday where I have my family and favourite-st people all
gathered to celebrate it with me :') Although it was a simple BBQ and dinner I couldn't be more thankful nor will I ask for more 
My birthday cupcakes!!!
sponsored by none other than MY SISTER BAKES!
I've worked with them before (read previous post HERE) and I absolutely LOVE their cupcakes!!!
I decided to have cakes on my actual birthday just a day before and I realized it was super last minute 
but I decided to try my luck and asked E* whether I could have them done and she said YES!
Didn't have a design in mind so I just told her something girly... pink.... and on the day itself when I 
went down to collect them, she told me she decided to follow my invitation to Zouk and decided to add in the Despicable Me unicorn as part of the decor.
HOW FREAKING CUTE!?!?!?!?!??!?!?????
I was just squealing about it in the car to my aunt cos it was so cute and another awesome birthday surprise! She also made the cupcakes in my favorite flavors so 50bonus points for that hehe.

Brought them to Zouk and they were wiped out very quickly! Guess it filled everyone's tummy before partying and all my friends liked it so much ;)

MY SISTER BAKES has recently introduced some new flavors for their cupcakes too!
So if you're bored of the usual... vanilla, choco etc, check them out for some interesting flavors
which are usually created by MSB themselves so it's really worth trying out ;)

A huge thank you to all my lovely sponsors once again! x
So I guess that is about all for my birthday post! Honestly didn't expect this much to happen tho
and I think I've thanked everyone for the hundredth time but I am really grateful to everyone who made all this happen. I will definitely remember my 21st birthday for the rest of my life :)