August 25, 2013


"Be hit with the Korean wave with My Spirit Inc , a fashion online boutique that carries the latest styles in Korean fashion. Be it a summer dress, office appropriate dress or quirky fun pieces, you’ll be sure to find a unique, well made piece that would suit ladies from all walks of life!"

Was really happy when I was approached to do this ad for My Spirit Inc as they focuses on K-fashion!
I cannot emphasize how much I love K-fashion ever since it exploded into the fashion industry and I feel that (for me) I can relate more to pieces I find on eg. Style Nanda as compared to Topshop 
I'm edging closer to Asian styles now as compared to European styles and My Sprit Inc would be a great place for me to shop and find my favorite styles! :) 

What caught my attention from My Spirit Inc would be their huge range of Outerwear!
For those who've been reading my blog for awhile now you should know about me and my love for
outerwears and no doubt the first section I jumped to was Outerwear!

I was able to pick an apparel from My Spirit Inc to feature and I HAD to pick a blazer cos they
all were so pretty!!! I picked the Houndstooth Pleated Jacket
When I received the blazer the very first thing that surprised me was the quality of it.
It's really of top quality made, even better than 1 or 2 of my Topshop blazers!? Not kidding.
The insides were lined and I love the structured and padded shoulders!
Best part of this blazer would be the pleated detailing on the sleeves, makes a really unique finish!
Super happy with my pick and I absolutely adore this piece, Chic yet classy.
Thank You so much My Spirit Inc for this lovely item :)
Also for the month of August, My Spirit Inc is having a special promo on instagram!
Follow them and stand a chance to win these URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 Palette,
The more pictures you LIKE, the more chances you’ll get to win!
Also, do check out My Spirit Inc on the various social media sites:
Facebook: My Spirit Inc
Instagram: @myspiritinc

Last but not least, quote “DONNA” at checkout and receive 10% off 
your total bill when shopping with My Spirit Inc
Head over and start shopping awayyyyyyyy~
Heh, so I figured I wouldn't do my posts according to date as... I haven't edited some events yet hence they aren't ready to be up. so here are pictures from my KL weekend trip after Redang!

So I only decided to head to KL to join the rest of the Invaders before my Redang trip so the whole thing was really impromptu! Upon touching down to SG from Redang I went home to repack my luggage and straight to Haji to meet Ah Fai who was driving us up hehe

Didn't take pics on the way tho cos I was too tired and slept throughout most of the journey to KL
and upon reaching, got ready and headed straight to Zouk KL to meet everyone else :) 

Super awesome cos somehow it feel like partying in Bangkok all over again!!!

I had quite a good amount of fun that night, only downside was I took quite long to start enjoying as
everyone else was already damn high, lol. But nevertheless I did enjoy hehe!
Night ended pretty dramatic tho, got into random cars, had supper at god knows where, wound up
in an emergency ward in a hospital, sent a friend home and finally crashed at Ah Fai's LOL
Damn happening. 

my companions for the whole trip, Ah Fai and JB! Thank you Ah Fai for taking us everywhere hehe
Was introduced to this food court located at Lot 10's basement? 
Apparently it's made up of all of Malaysia's best selling hawkers under one roof so everything you find
here is supposedly yummy. It's a bit like Food Republic but Malaysian style :)

Ah Fai did the buying of food, I only picked the hokkien mee as I LOVE hokkien mee and I had to try Malaysian's cos it's soooo raved about by almost the entire world and true enough, YUMMMMMEH!!!
Filled our hungover bellies with yummy food before heading off to shop for a bit. Yayyyyyyyyyy

Day #2, went to Neverland KL for some beers with the boys before they dropped me at Zouk to join
the rest again. And as usual... all high already. It's damn fast ok haha

Met up with my long lost DEWWWWWWWWWSYYYYYYPIE!!!
This boy here MIA-ED for the longest time, ended up working in Malaysia and now I can
only see him there. Thank god he came to Zouk so I can catch a glimpse of this bear. Hehe

HAHAHAHHAH Dawn.......

Didn't really party much that night tho, I think I spent more of my time talking than actually dancing or whatsoever, lol. So I can say that Day #2 was just pretty meh....? 

Next day was just... food food food and more food. Needless to say, FATS TOO.
Had Fish soup noodles for lunch and for dinner we met up with a few other KL friends and had dinner
the pork

Went for beer after dinner and by then I was so sick of alcohol I chose water. HAHA
Not to mention I was damn tired from the week's activity that I was in zombie mode already

On the last day we got up early to have dim sum!!! :)

I think this is one of the places which I've tasted the yummiest porridge and dim sum!
I can say the dim sum here wins Swee Choon hands down already. No kidding.

so so so good!!! Just looking at the pics now is making me hungry already ;(

Check out their custard bao! It's yellow and...huge!

Better than any custard baos I've ever had. Sighpies, I miss this place already :( 

After brunch we headed back to pack before Ah Fai drove us to the airport!
I was quite happy to be heading back already as I was getting quite homesick and missing my bed lol
couldn't be more grateful for Fai for being such a wonderful host to us in KL hehe
next time bring you go eat good food in singapore ok? :D
Guess that's about it for my KL trip! Hehe. Was kinda surprised that I was able to go back so soon,
I think the other time I went was just about a month ago from this trip. Lol
So far I've been religiously fulfilling my 2013 resolutions to travel as much as possible!
Gna be traveling out of SG again next month and in Oct too.. *excited*

Okie dokes, will blog again in a few days time! Gonna keep to my promises and post a vlog this week
okay? Will be filming it later and will work on having it up asap ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone! *kiss kiss*