August 6, 2013


Happy Tuesday guys!
Gonna kick start the week with an advert and a new post :)
This isn't my first time advertising and working with PWL
so I'm sure most of you would have came across this web store on my blog before.
PWL took a short break due to school/exams and now their.... BAAAACK!
I was so happy cos I would always look forward to their shoots as they always bring in some of the nicest apparels and to have them back on track I couldn't be happier *pops confetti*

This time here's their latest collection: SUMMER CALLING
As the name suggests, this collection has all the pieces one needs for the season
Expect floral prints and bright cheery colors, all made for Summer!

Here are some of my personal picks from the latest collection :) 
Play It Flare Lilac Skirt
Totally digging the shade of lilac on this piece! Pair it with a white shirt like how PWL did it or for a
more street/edgy look, match it with a cropped top and sneakers for a totally different result!

Floral Fair Dress
This dress definitely speaks for this collection, especially with its pretty floral detailing all over.
I would totally wear this to a brunch date or perhaps a weekend out!

One Coal Cut Jacket
If flowers and pastels aren't your thing then...... perhaps this could be the piece for you!
Since I too, am always decked out in dark colors, this piece has definitely caught my attention
recently I've also been digging jackets and I feel like this makes an awesome outerwear!
Super versatile cos on lazy days, this piece automatically turns a boring outfit around (which is something I'm guilty of) Haha I always dress damn lazy and bring a jacket so on days where I go out after work in my lazy attire, just wear a jacket and tadah!!! I'm dressed for town. Haha 
Also, you can rock this piece with a pair of jeans and platforms and you're ready to party! ;)
So... a piece like this would make a good staple in your wardrobe! 

I was also allowed to pick 2 apparels from this collection to feature:
Breath of Fresh Arrow Romper
I never miss out on a chance to scout for rompers as they're the easiest to just throw on and head out!
I picked this piece as I really love the material and prints on it!!!
The material is really good, not see through or thin so you don't have to wear any tube or safety shorts inside to prevent the world from seeing everything inside. I hate how some rompers have super huge leg openings to the point where you can see everything underneath just by taking the escalator :(
This one is perfect and comes with 2 functional side pockets, hehe. Cute! 

Again and Raglan Top and Dress Set
Picked this cos it was too cute to miss!!! This is actually a cropped raglan and a skater dress beneath
so in a sense you're actually paying for 2 apparels with the price of one! ;)
I really really love the cropped raglan and I would wear is to death. Haha
For those who like skater dresses, beneath is a basic black skater dress which you can wear on its own or with the raglan top.... or some other outer wear! What could go wrong with such a perfect basic?
End off the co-ordinate with sneakers or boots and you're good to go!
Really love this combination too much (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Thank You PWL for these lovely pieces :)
Before you scoot off to start shopping.........
PWL is also holding a SALE which goes up to 40% and there's limited stocks left so you got to be quick if you want to snap up all the nicest pieces ;)
Also, quote "DONNANP" to be entitled to free local postage with your purchase!
*not applicable to sale items only*

Got them all? Okay, now you can head over to shop away!!!


As you can see what the title says.. today's post would be on my BKK Trip in June!
Hope I'm not boring yall with BKK posts..... Haha. 
This trip was pretty last minute, my mum told me about it just a week before we flew so.......
I remember clearly this trip was only 2 weeks after my May's trip. HAHA super enthu or whut?
My closest cousin, Jacob! Cute right? Na rakkkkkkkkkk (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I did very little planning for this trip, so I didn't research or pick the hotel we stayed in.
This one was picked by my aunt! We stayed at Galleria 10 Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 10)

The room wasn't too big.. but wasn't too small as well. It was so so luh, so I guess it works.
I don't think we booked it at a really 'cheap' price, so I find that for the price we paid per room
we could get better either at the same price or if we topped up a bit and it's better than this. 
BUTTTT, since we booked already.. might as well. Haha
Location wise it's good tho, centralize and has all the conveniences outside! 
It's really near Terminal 21 too, about a 10 mins walk away :) 

Found dinner at a roadside stall just outside of our hotel along the main road.
We settled down at the hotel quite late so we were too tired to travel elsewhere to find food,
surprisingly enough the food here wasn't that bad! Some dishes were actually quite yummy ;)

(Top) Thai Iced Milk Tea
OMG. I can never get enough of Iced Milk Tea in Bangkok. Especially the road side ones are...
SO YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Fattening la, but way too yummy. Haha
(below) Salted Egg Yolk Squid
I love this dish as wellm mainly cos I love salted egg yolk... so I guess salted egg yolk anything 
works well for me. Haha

Breakfast at the hotel the next morning.....
Was quite disappointed with the selection for breakfast. Ended up with this, hahaha.
The service wasn't that good as well, it was really crowded and they didn't really attend to us when we were waiting for seats. I got quite grumpy waiting cos I was really hungry and they really took too long :( 

Since it was a Saturday, we headed to JJ after for some shopping!
No doubt the sun and heat was a bitch so.... I would recommend that if you're heading there to dress light, bring a fan and be prepared to drink lots of water ;) 

My mum and I went a little incense crazy on this trip. Stopped at every incense store and bought scents for our home. Now our house and my room smells super nice!!! It's super cheap to get them in Bangkok as compared to SG tho, so stock up if you're there! Haha I even bought an electric burner for my essential oil at only 250THB ($10) Mad cheap ok!
picking slippers for our home.. Really it's some shopping session for household goods. I think I bought more stuff for home than for myself. My dad even bought a lamp shade!!! HAHA. Damn cute.

I would ALWAYS pop by the animal section at JJ to look at the cute puppies!!!
I really wished I could bring them back to SG but obviously that's impossible so.... yea.
Bought a ton of treats back for Bijou cos they're wayyyyy cheaper there as compared to in SG too!
I always get the brand 'JerHigh' and spam....... more than 10packs home for my precious baby 

on the third day I went to Platinum to shop... I didn't do much that day so not many pictures! 

on the last day, we had time to kill as our flight was at night. So we decided to head to Siam
all the way to Siam for..... THIS!!! 
If you haven't been to AFTER YOU... you are missing out on life. HAHAHA
Ok I'm being dramatic but they have the yummiest desserts ever!!! Believe me, if you're in Bangkok or thinking of heading over, make sure you go to After You and try out their Nutella Toast.

While waiting for our food to come, decided to snap random pictures..
here's my mum's loots from Siam. HAHA she insisted I take this picture to blog about.
So yea... her bakwa... bahoo(?) and more snacks. They're actually really yummy tho, so no complaints!

and... meet my Dad and Mummy!
Best parents in the whole wide world and galaxies above (●´∀`)ノ♡
Aunts who went on the trip with us as well..
and group shot!!! Haha damn tourist mode please.
and here... comes.. the.. DESSERTSSSSSS
I don't understand why here's always bound to be someone who will order the Chocolate Lava Cake.
In this case, it was Jacob who did. Haha I was never a fan... never found it yummy. Maybe only picture worthy so here's a nice picture of it. Huahuhaua.

If I'm not wrong this is some.... Hazelnut pancake or something. I can't remember.. but dad ordered this! Yummy as well. Perfect pancake texture ;)
NUTELLA TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will run 10km and burn all it's calories without hesitating cos I love it that much. LOL

After that we went back to the hotel to pick our stuff and headed to the airport,
I think I food coma-ed in the taxi cos I had like the best taxi-sleep ever in my life that day
I REMEMBER IT SO CLEARLY haha. When I woke up I was like....'eh.. I was in a cab?'
Hahahahaha I think I was drugged by the nutella toast. 

We were super early cos we wanted to avoid like any peak hour jam, had time so kill so we spent it shopping in the airport..... and finally time to board and come back to Singapore :( 
Another shot requested by my mum as well, featuring her new slippers and matching toe nails. Haha
and a twist from both of us! Hehe (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Sad to return..... as always. But nevertheless had a great trip, it's been so long since I got to go away with my parents! I miss going on long holidays with them.. I think the last time I travelled w them was to London about 2 years ago? Time for another family holiday soon mummy! *winks*
Speaking of holidays... I'll be leaving SG again this week! So much planned for the rest of the week I'm getting super excited just thinking about it *~* Thank god for long weekends too, so yay!!!
And because everyone keeps asking for a new vlog......... I've decided to do a VLOGCATION series so do keep a lookout yes? 
You can always keep track and follow my updates on  Instagram: @PONYYZZ 
Till the next post...........See ya! x