August 2, 2013


Topazette is a fast growing online fashion label that offers competitive prices and pays attention to the needs of modern ladies without sacrificing style. 
With tops priced no higher than SGD30, it is the perfect place for shopaholics looking to fill their wardrobes with fashion forward apparels for both work and play!

Topazette is one of the many webstores I've been shooting and today I'll be introducing them to you!
Not only do they carry a huge array of may different types of clothing, they also carry designs for young and working class women :) So if you're student OR you happen to be working in a professional industry, Topazette is the store for you :)

Last night Topazette has launched their first August collection

and here's some of my personal picks:
Tracy Denim Dress
I love the cut out detailing on denim! Everything about this dress is so egdy and sexy,
I like versatile pieces so you can pair this with heels, boots, sneakers and the ourfit is complete!
Plus point has to be the denim-made of the entire dress, love it!!!

Edna Dress
This dress would be perfect for almost anyone, I realized how it's kinda like the season for these
'paisley' prints hence hence the prints are already a plus point. You can wear this out for the weekend or if you're working this makes a good working dress too! 

Lola Floral Top
and something that I would definitely wear to death, this super pretty and cute floral cropped top is 
just the right top for our weather! I like the material of this top as well cos it makes the top slightly structured so it doesn't look that sloppy as compared to other cropped tees I have.

for this post, here's me in 3 sets of apparels c/o Topazette
Polka Dot Frills Highwaist Shorts (Black)
When I saw these I told *J (owner of Topazette) that I LOVE THEM!!!
I mean don't count the polka dot prints cos I love anything polka dots but these shorts are way too cute!
Especially the frills at the bottom makes the whole piece too cute to not want and I'm super happy I am able to pick this piece, definitely gonna be another one of my favorite pair of shorts hehe 

Avery Waterdye Top
Next up would be something I would wear on days where I want something casual yet add a pop of color to my outfit so this top is perfect and does the job :) 
This top is really lightweight, also I like that the front is slightly cropped as compared to the back 

Dawn Two-Piece Romper Set (Black)
Now this outfit is slightly different from something that I've worn before. It's not exactly a romper but a 2 piece set which features a bottom with the same print! But what separates this set from others is that the bottom isn't supposed to be obvious! So it looks like a romper.... but it's not. haha cute! 
I also like that they added an elastic waist so it gives the top more shape instead of just a straight cut!
Yay to slimmer waist ;)
Thank You once again Topazette for these lovely apparels 
Are you ready to start shopping yet? Wait wait, here's more
Topazette ships worldwide and local delivery is Free of Charge!!!
Also for my readers, quote "PONYTPZ" and receive $2 your total bill for all purchases :D

You can also find Topazette on their various social media sites here

(Like and share giveaway is held weekly on TPZ's facebook 

and there'll be upcoming freebies with purchase so Like their page for future updates!)
Instagram and twitter: @topazette

Head over to start shopping now!

quick visual update!
I think this week has got to be one of the best weeks so far, although it has been really unhealthy.....
I had tons of fun :D

Earlier on Monday we went to Tocco Tenero's Carnival at Vivo
We were all covering it as Media and for us we got to pick a bag each!!! And this was my choice!
theme was Love in Color so we all tried to be as... 'colorful' as possible haha
and here's a group shot of The Party Invaders and the 2 young bosses of Tocco Tenero Eug and Joe!
Congratulations to the both of you and may your business huat big time hehe 

since Vivo was just opposite, we had After Party at Neverland2!

secretly trolling Joe's back with lots os TT stickers ahaha

HAHAHA one moment Kim and I got pulled up on stage to sing.. SUPER EMBARRASSING
thank god it was a Monday, THANK GOD. HAHAH

After which we scooted over to Neverland 1 to find a friend who was leaving,

Wirin! Met her twice and she's so cute and pretty!!! See you when you come backkkkkk! 

♥ Hehe one of the most random and fun Monday nights!!!