September 15, 2013


Yesterday I headed to Cafe Melba for dinner and immediately, I fell in love with the place 
This place was suggested by none other than the birthday boy himself!
 I was surprised to know that the old school along Goodman Rd 
(which used to be Sota/Laselle if I'm not wrong) has been converted to an arts center, and at the same time I think it houses Cafe Melba, and perhaps 2 other dining places? It is damn Ulu, haha never knew that such a quaint and nice restaurant existed within it.
 they have outdoor and indoor dining, and the ambience is sooooo chill! Love it max!
 This place basically serves Western food. So they have your usual pasta, steaks, chops etc...
I was super excited at first when I saw that they had All Day Breakfast and no prizes guessing what I immediately wanted to order.... EGGS BENNY!!! Sadly tho, All Day Breakfast is only available from Monday to Friday. Bummer~

 Nevertheless, still happy cos I ish hungry and can't wait for the food to arrive
*pig mode*

 We shared 2 sets of 12' Pizzas, Hawaiian and Pepperoni if I'm not wrong.
Both tasted really nice and I loved that they were thin crusted pizzas! 

 Only took pics of J's and my main course cos I didn't wanna trouble everyone and shove my camera into their dishes. Lol. I had Cabonara which I LOVED!!! 
It's not as creamy as the usual which you eat outside, and the portion isn't too much or too little
so everything was just right! Usually I would get quite gelate(?) halfway through my pastas but I managed to (almost) finish mine. Didn't finish cos I was saving my tummy for other food haha!
 The boy had Seafood Pasta, can't remember what the name of the dish was. But it's nice too, peppery/smokey.. imo it tasted a little like aglio oglio? Haha whatever I'm damn bad with describing food. Either way it's yummy. That was all that mattered. LOL
Truffle fries! Yes there's the truffle scent but somehow I like Truffles fries with the overpowering scent of truffle oil. This one was just right but like I said I'd prefer something stronger!
So far only the truffle fries at Batter Fluffy Flaps have the best (once again, IMHO!!!!)
 Dessert was so so. Nothing special, shared this w J cos he wanted it. Haha I just finished most of the banana. Hahaha
 The rest had steak, burgers and redang? They also ordered more pizzas which they said were good as well so I think the pizza is worth trying out if you're there!

 Hope you enjoyed dinner and satisfied your craving of truffle fries HOR, make sure you bring
me here again for brunch okay? :D

Overall the food wasn't too bad, ambience was nice too! Would head back again definitely.
Only thing I didn't like about the place was the service, I'm sure it wasn't only me but the some of the staff really was pulling a long face and attitude while serving us. Like come on... smile man!
Nevertheless, am anticipating the trip back for their all day breakfast hehehehehe can't wait x

Cafe Melba
90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre
Block N, #01-56

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun: 08:00 - 22:00