September 18, 2013


So I am sure by now, most of you guys would have read my first post for DRx which I did
awhile back regarding my fillers. Aside from aesthetics enhancements, DRx also does aesthetics and beauty treatment as well and it's all under one clinic- The DRx Clinic!

For my second visit to DRx, Dr Yanni did a review and a check on my fillers to make sure they were still fine and okay. At the same time, I had consultation for my skin and DRx stepped onboard to help
me with the several skin problems which I was having then.
SO, for this post.. I am baring my naked skin to the world. Yes. that was in skin in July, without makeup on. Told you guys I don't have flawless skin already, besides pimples I had redness and scarring from all the previous pimples which have gone down/healed and they left really ugly marks :(

Dr Yanni suggested I did the QSPP laser,
What this laser does is that it helps with open pores and pigmentation problems (which I had)
and it was to calm the irritation on my skin down before treating it specifically. 
After briefing me on what is expected during the treatment, I was assured that there'll be hardly any pain and true enough there wasn't! Haha I know in pictures it looks a bit scary, the laser is so bright that both Dr Yanni and I had to wear protective eye wear. 

 And before I knew it, the treatment was over! Results aren't immediate tho, I was told to only expect them within a few days to a week or so! But nevertheless, I was looking forward to clearer skin!
I was also told that one session wouldn't make a tad big difference but if I were to go for subsequent sessions, after the 5th session I can see clearer, glowing and radiant skin! :)
 My face after the QSPP laser, no swelling, bleeding or whatsoever! There's no downtime to this laser so after applying sun block and your necessary make up you're good to go for your next appointment!
The redness is from my pimple marks btw, haha not the laser.
 After the treatment, Dr Yanni put me on a range of DRx products which I use religiously everyday
These products are specifically put together to cater to my skin type and it's problems so what works for me might not work for another person :)

And of course, another picture of my skin after the QSPP! Was looking forward to start on the DRx products and see results from the laser ;)

About a month later, I went back again and this time I did 2 lasers on my face!
This time I did the Combi Laser. After the QSPP which targeted the overall general improvement on my skin, the Combi Laser was introduced to help get rid of all the redness and brown marks on my skin. This was probably my biggest concern as with these marks my skin just looks dull and... bad :(

The Combi Laser is being done on the areas where the marks and scars are most prominent.
For this treatment there wasn't any pain at all, I could feel a slight tingly sensation on my skin but that was about it! Similar to the QSPP, there isn't any downtime after so you're safe to head out after!

and after the Combi Laser, I did the QSPP laser again to treat my overall skin condition!

and here's my face after 3 session of lasers with DRx, 2 of which is the QSPP and 1 Combi Laser!
This picture was taken after my second trip and immediately after my session so there's no make up
compare it to the first time and you'll see a difference!!!
I must say I'm really glad that most of the marks on my cheeks have gone down, and of course with the help of the products they've worked well enough together to help my skin :) 
Couldn't have happened without the help of DRx which I am so thankful for!

Apart from targeted treatments for the skin, DRx also has beauty and facial treatments which I did after my laser sessions. Will blog about that in the next post for DRx! I will also be doing a post on my skincare routine consisting of mainly DRx products now so do keep a heads up for that as well!
As for now, I'm still keeping to my strict skincare regime cos I really want nice and beautiful skin~
(who doesn't??? LOL)
Will continue keeping you guys posted on my skincare journey with DRx :) 
Lastly a big Thank You DRx and their amazing team for helping with me with my skin! 

For more information on DRx you can look it up here: 
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Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
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