September 29, 2013


Happy Sunday all, I hope each and everyone enjoyed your weekends!
Be it lazing at home, catching a movie... or partying your ass off resulting in a hangover up till now,
I hope you all had fun~

Spent mine with J having dinner and catching a movie~ Did a bit of shopping too :)
Caught Runner Runner, I thought it would be as good as 21.. sadly the movie turned out to be 
kinda disappointing I must say. Sighpies, where have all the good movies gone to!!!
Super love chill days like these, quite surprised I didn't have the urge to go party at all
Not sure why but I felt super lethargic and tired throughout the entire week, no matter how much I slept it wasn't enough... Not to mention my flu is kinda making things worst. Pft.
From how I see it, October looks rather promising already. Got a couple of plans up my sleeves, meetings/assignments which I hope will all go well *crosses fingers* 
Also..... in October I'll be flying out of Singapore!!! (I know some of you will go "AGAIN!?!?!")
But yes, I am. Haha but this time not to Bangkok, not to Malaysia but to....
(picture credits to
Super excited cos in my entire life I've never been to Japan before so this is my very first time ^^
I told my mum to be adventurous this time so instead of going with a guided tour, we decided to go free and easy for the entire trip. A little scared as I know they'll be a communication barrier and Tokyo is so big!?! Omg!

So I was thinking if you guys could drop me tips on where to go/what I gotta see while I'm there etc..
I'm sure many of you have been to Japan so it'll be nice to share what you have with me no?
hehehe *thick skinned*
I'm sure with your comments those who're looking at going there too will pick up a thing or 2 as well!
I'll be gone a total of 6 days, 2 days mainly for traveling and I'll have 4 full days in Tokyo so....
hit me with what you've got!!!
I'll be opening my Instagram platform for a special advertorial promo for this trip! :)
definitely will be taking lots and lots of pictures so I'm thinking of doing #OOTD adverts,
So basically I'll be wearing the apparels that you'll be sponsoring for the entire trip ;)
I have worked out a really nice package so if any of you guys are interested do email me for details
at x
So I guess that's about it for this random update, do keep a heads up for this week's blog adverts 
that will be posted above this! See you in a few days time :D