September 3, 2013


Today's topic that I'll be touching on would be more suitable for my female readers,
if you're a dude, no harm reading as well though ;)

For this post, I'll be spreading the word on Lactacyd's "Love Your V" campaign!
Basically what this campaign does is to encourage you girls out there to start taking care of,
and loving your V :)
Just a little bit more on the brand,
Lactacyd is a feminine hygiene wash brand which has been around
for over 25 years. The product is made of natural ingredients which makes it safe and suitable for
those with sensitive! Lactacyd is also highly prescribed by doctors and women worldwide to provide delicate care and protection from odor and irritation from everyday cleansing.

So I'm sure for those who haven't got a clue on feminine hygiene, one of the many questions that you
could have asked might probably be...
"why cant't I just make do with ordinary soap.. or water?"
Lactacyd has a series of webisodes which debunks common misconceptions on feminine wash usage

So why not water only? Watch the video above to answer the question!

I've also decided to include a few other videos so you can watch it and get a clearer understanding
of why feminine hygiene is so important for us girls.

As for myself, I was really happy when I heard that I will be doing this campaign for Lactacyd!
Why so? Before this campaign, I've actually been using Lactacyd products for about.. 2-3 years now
and I haven't stopped since ;)
I remember the first time I picked up my first bottle of Lactacyd was at a
Watsons sale, the thing that drew me to buying it was the scent. It was a really soothing and sweet smelling, nothing too over powering. So I thought, "Why not?" 
When it's the *time of the month* for us girls, I know sometimes it may not be exactly all that glam.. down there and apart from using my usual body cleanser, I tend to cleanse again with Lactacyd just for that extra sense of cleanliness and freshness :)
When I picked up my care package (courtesy of Lactacyd) I was sooo happy! More products for me to use when mine runs out, and this time I got them in all different ranges *grins*

With such an extensive range, it allows more options for us to choose the ones that's most suitable for us and the concerns we have. Super happy to be able to explore the other types and find one that I will settle with, so far I've been using the normal one and I can't wait to jump into the new products!

A little more about the range of feminine hygiene cleansers..

Lactacyd Nourish (Purple) - Extra Moisturizing

Lactacyd Revitalize (Yellow) - Anti Aging and Firming

 Lactacyd White Intimate (Blue) - Skin Lightening

Lactacyd PH 3.5 (Pink) - Maintains Vaginal PH
And not forgetting the Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipes for on the go freshness!
*psst. I got these too!!! 
With all these there's no doubt I'll be part of taking care and loving my V all thanks to Lactacyd :)
Now here's something awesome for you guys, Lactacyd will be giving away samples of these
products to try before jumping in to buy them. So at the same time, through this trial you can sample and pick the ones you think will be suitable for you, and then purchase it after :) 
In order to receive your samples it's simple! Simply click on this link below  and join the Lactacyd VIP Club to receive your sample kit!
Yes it's that easy :)

So join me in Lactacyd Love your V campaign, help be part of spreading the word and encouraging
your fellow girlfriends in caring for and loving their V!
For more information, do check out today :)
P.S: I am running a #LactacydSayV Instagram giveaway! 3 lucky winners will win $55 worth of Lactacyd products each! J All you need to do:

  1. Take a photo of yourself with a V sign (no need to be with Lactacyd products)
  2. Mention me @ponyyzz and hashtag #LactacydSayV
  3. Make your account public so I can see!!!

This contest ends 15 September, good luck!