September 27, 2013


Happy T.G.I.F!
Just to kick start the weekend, I finally have another vlog up!!!
I think I have mentioned this is a post quite sometime ago with regards to doing an FAQ/QnA vlog
and I've managed to find time to get down and start on this new project :)

Basically (as mentioned in the vlog below) I'll be picking a few questions/popular questions that 
you guys have asked on and I'll be answering them in a video.
Will try to stick to doing a QnA video every week OR every other week so at least I will be
keeping to my promises of vlogging religiously for you guys hehehehe ;)

I apologize tho, for the uneven lighting at certain parts of the video,
am still trying to work on finding the best lighting for vlogging in my room haha

Okie dokes, hope you enjoyed! Have a very great weekend yall