September 13, 2013


just a really quick and random post before I get busy for the weekend~
haven't had much going on for the past week or so.. spent my days at work, dinner and home!
didn't exactly snap much pictures, since there wasn't much to picture anyways... 

only thing extraordinary was perhaps, Teppenyaki dinner? Hahaha, I think I've blogged about
this before, this place is located at Food Republic in 313! Had the normal set which comprises of..
veggies, chicken, fish and prawns! 
 beef... not mine tho. Just a random fact, I kinda stopped taking beef just about a year and a half
back! Used to stop eating beef for someone but I kinda decided to stop eating it altogether after due to personal and religious beliefs! More of a sacrifice, and I figured I can actually do without beef anw~ Haha, btw I don't really like pork too. Unless it's like Roasted Pork (烧肉) LOL.
I should do a facts about me vlog and you'll know all my weird traits and........ habits hahahaa.

 my chicken and a really sad looking set of seafood.
despite looking this pathetic, I actually LOVE the fish!!! I love love love having Dory whenever I eat out at a western restaurant, usually everyone would order steak or chicken/pork chop but I kinda hate eating those so it's dory for me!!! Noms*
 It's about $20 per person in total for a set meal with drinks I guess? Quite okay for the food (IMO)
but... if you choose to head my food advices right, it might not be 100% accurate since I have super low expectations of food. HAHAHA. But I'm not THAT bad also la so maybe you can take my food advices at a level of.....65% :D
another random photo... got these pair of babies at Zara KL during a sale for what? $30 or lesser.
Muahahahahahahaha, just brings out the budget and aunty side of me to a whole new level!!!

 awwwwwww, sibs for life!!! Of course not forgetting Tam Tam whom I miss so much :(
Love random nights like these. Once in awhile I think it's good to have a 'chill week'
Haha, trying to alternate between party-weeks and chill-weeks, too much partying is taking a toll on my skin, not to mention it makes me lazy and fat. Pft..

Okay so I guess I will be back again for another post this weekend and hopefully more pictures next week :) Will also try to aim for another vlog next week as well!
So far I'm loving the month of September and I can't wait for October too, so many great things happening I can't help smiling just thinking of it. I ish a happy girl comes an abrupt ending. LOL, BYE!