September 9, 2013


Sorry for the absence for the past week or so, currently busy and preparing for something new that
I'm gonna be incorporating into the studio space so... do keep a heads up on that! ;) 

Just a quick post to start of the week, last week I was invited to the media preview of Tim Ho Wan's
new second outlet opening at the very heart of Toa payoh!
I'm sure by now most of you would have heard of Tim Ho Wan after their first outlet opening in 
Plaza Singapura which is mostly full and lined with super long queues all the time! 
Right now with the opening of their second outlet, more people can get a taste of Tim Ho Wan's awesome dishes without having to travel to town :) 
I haven't tried Tim Ho Wan in Singapore yet cos I don't believe in queueing so long just to eat 
(haha just my honest opinion here) and I'm damn easy to feed, give me rice and egg and I'll be happy!
So I don't usually travel much and about to experience good food so for this preview I was happy to be able to attend without having to......... go through so much hassel. HAHA no doubt I was excited to be able to finally try out all the amazing raved about dishes :D
Dated bb out to join me that evening, I know nothing makes her happier than food and true enough. this woman wouldn't stop raving about how nice the food is! Apparently this isn't her first time having Tim Ho Wan also so.... Yay! I'm glad I made the right choice picking her as my date for the night ;D

 We were briefed on what dishes we were gonna be having and this time, 6 new dishes are going to be introduced in Toa Payoh's outlet and we were going to taste and sample all 6 of them! :) 
For the entire course, 13 dishes from the menu will be picked for us that evening and 
I remembered I heard 30 and I was like "HUH 30!?! HOW BB I CANNOT FINISH 30"
Tams can still tell me "No la nevermind, food tasting all small portion, Sure can" 
followed by *calm and composed face*
She really prepared to eat 30 dishes.. if there really was 30. HAHAHAHA siao!!!
Time for dinner!!!
 This was the raved about Baked Bun with BBQ Pork which I absolutely LOVE!!!
Way too yummy omg, I gobbled it up within seconds. Haha
 Tammy trying to act maintain but fail, her bun was also finished up seconds after this shot. LOL

 Prawn dumplings and Steam Spinach dumpling with Prawn, I like both equally as much!
Love how the skin isn't the kind which breaks easily :)

Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg and Salted Egg, super my kind of food haha.

Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling, didn't dare try this tho as I don't take wasabi!

Fried noodle with BBQ Pork and Soy Sauce.
Nothing special for this tho, in my opinion it's as good as the normal fried noodles you eat from any restaurant! 

Pan-Fried Carrot Cake, I wouldn't pick this as one of my top favorites as well but Tams loved it tho!
Not sure why but I didn't like the after taste of it. I'm sure for this dish the problem lies with me lolol
Vermicelli Roll with Sweet and Sesame Sauce!
This was that I was quite excited to try, basically it's like your normal chee cheong fun but instead  of having it with the usual sweet sauce, there have added in sesame sauce as well.
The flavor in total was sweet and nutty..? Quite a unique taste :) 

Deep Fried Dumpling with Salted Meat.
In a love hate relationship with this dish tho, I love the meat filling inside, just not the outside.
Tams loved the outside and wouldn't stop raving about it too. Haha but 50/50 for me on this dish! 

This was the Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake!
I didn't dare try this as well... it looked like something my mum would force me to eat haha.
I'm not sure about how others will find this dish but personally I don't like the idea of eating something with too many wolfberries in it. Heh. 

Steamed Egg Cake!
Super soft and fluffy and this cake literally melts in your mouth! One of Tim Ho Wan's star dishes!
and ultimately, one of the best mango sago I could have possible eaten till date!
The texture was the right amount of creamy, not watery.. and there wasn't a weird aftertaste to it.
I'm not sure if you guys realized that sometimes mango sago has this... bitter aftertaste?
This one doesn't and it just tastes yummy as a whole. I finished this pretty quickly too despite being almost stuffed to the brim from all the dishes before. Haha
All in all... My most favorite dish has got to be the Baked Bun with BBQ Pork!
This was the only dish which we reordered out of the whole menu, too good to miss!!! 
Thank You Tim Ho Wan for having us over that evening and the wonderful spread :)
Tim Ho Wan's second outlet have officially opened it's doors on the 8th of September at Toa Payoh.
And so I've heard that they're looking at opening more branches in Singapore, perhaps the West or... the East? Who knows? :)

Tim Ho Wan (Toa Payoh)
ERA Centre, 450 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #02-02
Tel: 6483 2000
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (Daily)

Tim Ho Wan (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Road, #01-29A, Plaza Singapura
Tel: 62512000
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Daily)