October 8, 2013


A quick visual update of what happened last week hehe
 the girls planned a reunion+ktv after such a long time. I remember the last time seeing them was my bday... which is almost 2months ago!? Time flies!!! However, super happy to be able to catch up!
Eunice, gross as ever. Look at what she's eating!!?!? Yknow those wafer flowers restaurants used to decorate their dishes? It doesn't have any taste at all and this woman can bring one huge box worth and just munch on them like snacks. For a moment I thought she so nice, bring cakes or what for us, ended up to be these instead -________________- x10 haha

 Had quite the time of our lives singing our hearts out, I can't wait to KTV again. LOVE KTV!!!
Since we haven't seen each other in awhile... cmwhore, camwhore all must camwhore!
 Am wearing the Striped Denim Jacket kindly sponsored by OOPS! KOOKY
You can read my advertorial for them in my previous post below :) 
 it was a great evening nevertheless, can't wait to meet you all for another ktv session again x

It's been awhile since I last did a studio shoot, last week saw me at one with....
 My baby Bijou!!! How many of you have missed him? Hehe
I realized he has been quite MIA on my blog, here's him for those who're wondering where he's been!
still as naughty and fluffy like always~
 This was a shoot for ClubPets SG magazine, will blog more about it soon! 
Can't wait to see how the picture will look like, just look at Bijou? Totally a natural infront of the cam!

Other days+weekends probably saw me chilling about Haji haha. 
My life prolly revolves around Work and Haji now, damn chill. I wanted to catch a movie but I can't help but comment that the movies that are currently in theaters now kinda sucks? LOL
I can't wait for Thor 2 which is coming out at the end of the month!!! Hehe

That's about it for my quick update, do keep a lookout for a new video tmr! Hehe