October 10, 2013


A very good Thursday morning to each and everyone of you!
Up early and drafting this post as I just got home and I have lot's lined up for today so
there's absolutely no time for sleep!!!

As promised, I am attempting to post 1 video per week. And if time permits I'll definitely do more!
Today's video will be another Q'N'A vlog, and this webpisode will be on my make up stuff hehe
I realized after my previous video I had quite a number of questions coming in regarding the
make-up that I use and all so I decided to do an introduction to some of my commonly used make-up
items in my everyday make-up pouch :)

I hope I managed to answer some of your questions :) Am really happy that you guys asked too, which
gave me the idea to make a Make up edition Q'N'A video ;) Keep those questions coming in guys!
For those of you who are wondering where you can read my comments, I currently am not using
a standard blogger comment box so kindly direct all comments and questions to my ask.fm which is
And I'll pick some questions weekly to answer in a video! :) 
in addition to this post, here are some visuals from this week! Nothing much but... food. Lol
 Checked out this new food place called The Tiramisu Hero! I heard it's opened by one of our local bloggers also and it all started out with her tiramisu cakes in a jar! I know Haji has them in one of the shops and I've had some customers who've bought them for me before. Tho I'm not a fan of Tiramisu, the cakes were pretty yummy. Hehe 

Didn't know about it till I went over to shoot for Tam's new collection, instantly fell in love with the place when I arrived!!! Totally the kinda cafe/restaurant I love visiting hehe
 Really smart idea, there's this (thing above) of their mascot and you can put your head in to snap a pic
Pretty much exactly the same as what you see me doing in the pic above and below lol

 pretty pretty! everything is so pretty!  (´∀`)♡

 ordered 'props' for the shoot. Okay they doubled as props and breakfast, I was starving by then so 
can you imagine having to shoot and whilst staring at the food while hungry?!?!
Ok i just sounded like a pig -.-

 Food was okay-ish? I won't say fantastic tho! I loved the egg bacon thing (above)
Sorry I suck with food names, I will try to remember to take note of the name of the dishes next time!
Mac and Cheese below, it was okay only. Tasted more like mayo and mac? Haha 
Nevertheless its still a really nice place and I will definitely come back to try out their other dishes
and flavors of desserts! Hehe. Coincidentally it's also really near Haji and the boy's, convenient x10!!!

The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Rd
Next up, this is probably my newfound love...... MOOKATA!!!
 The first time I ever tried Mookata in my entire life was probably last month and my first time didn't go well.. I didn't like it cos you walk out reeking of mookata. 
(*tip: if you're intending to eat mookata, make sure you go home after and no place else unless
you like smelling like a walking pot of mookata then sure! go ahead hahaha*)

So as i was saying.. I didn't enjoy my first time at all. God knows why.. maybe I wasn't hungry as well
Second time was at Bangkok, which I hated even more cos it was out in the open and the meat wasn't even as good the one I had the first time so I was bored throughout my mookata sesh in bangkok while the boys practically devoured tons of meat. LOL
Oh and not to mention, I never knew that for Mookata you're actually using pork lard/oil to fry your meat and the oil actuallys flows down into your soup o.o
HOW SINFUL!!!!?!????
When I knew that the first time my jaw literally fell to my feet, if my parents saw what I was eating,
I'd be condemned. HAAAA

Then my third time again when I came back from Bangkok and this time I was hungry so I ate more than usual and I realized that its actually REALLY GOOD. Like shiokkkkkk only haha.
Usually for the previous times we went for Mookata J was the one who will suggest it but this week..
I did!!! 
 We ordered Pork and Chicken only. Cos I don't eat beef and seafood was a chore with the peeling and all so P and C works best! I don't know if most of you do this but I was taught to mix an egg with the meat and then cook it later so it'll be nicer. Duh..... eggs right. Hahahahahahha

Noms noms noms, yum tum tum in my belly. Fats all swimming in my body as well.
I need to impose a ban on myself against Mookata. Once a month, top.

I had this in Golden Mile aka Little Thailand. It honestly feels.. and smells like thailand in there.

New Udon Thai Mookata
5001 Beach Rd, #01-55
Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Yep, that's about it for my midweek update! Hehe gotta start packing cos I'll be leaving tonight!
I wasn't exactly that excited about the trip till about a week ago, CAN'T WAIT NOWWWWWW
I will try to blog if I can find time (I know I always say this for my trips hahaha) but if I don't
you can also view my visual updates on my instagram
Will be posting regularly there since I have apparels to feature daily, hehe. 
Am really looking forward to this trip :) 
Follow me if you haven't! (@ponyyzz)

Yay, so I guess I'll see yall again from Japan hehe
Have a great week ahead yall (๑・ω-)~♥”