October 25, 2013


I AM BAAAAAAK, hehehehehehehehehehehhehehe
Apologies for the one week-ish hiatus, lol! I have been on a 'holiday' mood after my Japan trip
and I admit, i've been bumming on my blog. So sorry!!! 

For those who haven't seen my tweets I've finally gotten rid of my broken and dying iphone4s
and switched to the 5s. I must say this upgrade have also made me lazy with bring my camera out
cos I've been taking pictures with my phone instead. I can't help it tho, the camera quality is really impressive. (i mean if you compare it with the 4s la haha) 
Don't have an elaborate picture post today but here's what I've been up to ever since I began snapping pictures with my new phone!
 first picture from my phone: this naughty fluffball lazing on my bed with his monstrous hair haha

a random dinner night.. had DTF cos I was craving 豆苗s but when I got to DTF I didn't
even order them cos... it was $12 for a small plate and I hate spending unnecessary $$$ on food that 
isn't worth spending. So...... no thank you to the overpriced plate of doumiaos.

Also visited DRx this week for a follow up and touch-up of my fillers on my chin! :)
 I've been having really bad breakouts lately (you can't see in these pictures as I'm wearing sunblock and makeup) but ROARRRRR my breakout is so bad :(
Dr Yanni is putting me on a course of medication which is said to help me deal with it so cross my fingers that my skin will clear up soon!!! 

Also on this very day, I HAD MY FIRST BLOOD TEST DONE!!!!!!!!!
I know to some of you it might not come as a surprise but for me I haven't done a blood test before
in my whole life and I've seen people do it and I have actually added blood test to my list of
'Things that freak me out like crazy" so I was super shocked to know I had to get it done and I didn't have time to react before I let it happen. LOLLLLL such a horrific experience (on my part)
but to my surprise it didn't hurt one bit and very quickly it was over *phew*
Thank god for Dr Yanni's gentle hands :D 
 I pray for chio skin soon!!! Hehe

This week, I also visited Salon Vim for the final step of my Hair resurrection journey.
For those who haven't seen my instagram (@ponyyzz) I've mentioned that I've been going for treatments every week for about a month now to fix my really damaged hair..
so this week was the final week and I had the Keratin treatment done! hehe

while getting my hair washed.. :)
 will do a full post on my experience soon! Do keep a look out yea :) 

just another random photo of Brown!!! Hehe
I don't know if you guys know Brown but if you use Line you will know it's one of the Line
characters, and BROWN IS SO CUTE OMGGGGGG. Cutest bear alive ok!!!
in Japan I went crazy cos they were selling the Line characters so I bought a big Brown and I got Cony as well. Heheheheheh so happy! 

Lunch with the boyyyyyyyy~

Also the highlight for this week would be the opening party for Juicy Couture SG!
Gotta thank bb Sofie for the invitation, on top of that I was invited to the store for a fitting to pick out
and outfit for the night :) I had so much fun browsing the store as the clothes were all really pretty, 
not to mention the accessories! omg!
 My outfit courtesty of Juicy Couture, all nicely packed in a pretty pink bag! 
Went home to rest and prepare for the night, I took such a long time with my makeup that I didn't have
time to snap a clear picture of it until I was on my way to the event haha

At the Juicy Couture SG opening party in MBS
Wearing my super lovely black lace dress from Juicy Couture, Sof's dress is from JC as well! :) 

 It was a great evening nevertheless, Congrats to JC for their new store at MBS!
Do check it out if you happen to be there :) 

And lastly.......... a picture of me hahahahahahah 
I really like my make-up last night! Hehe, took this before removing it.
Speaking of makeup..... I know I owe you guys a make up tutorial for the longest time, so fret not the next video I'll be posting will be a make-up tutorial!!! Hehe sorry for making you guys wait this long :x

Okiedokie, I guess my post for today will stop here~ T.G.I.F guys!
Looks like the Halloween weekend is here, will you all be dressing up? I'm still waiting for the day my enthusiasm for Halloween will hit sky high and I will go all out with dressing up and all.. 
till then, this year definitely won't be it. Haha. 

Am gonna catch a Escape Plan this evening in town, can't wait!!! 
I've been anticipating this movie for the longest time hehehehee, so I guess I'll see you guys in town if you're in town! Have a great weekend all x