November 11, 2013


Bwahahaha, back with another holiday post! I figured that I'll post this up before I decide to start on my Japan trip so... here's Bangkok in September! I think I've done so many Bangkok posts this year that I'm starting to lose count.. and you guys are still asking me to do more Bangkok posts on,
not enough meh?!!?! Hahahahaha 
Flew Scoot with Aaron Lazy, couldn't help it but snap this picture cos he was emphasizing on how budget flights are way to small for him, to the point where the table can't be opened to it's fullest without resting on his tummy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahaha

Yay +66 bound~

Our local friend picked us from the airport and we proceeded to our hotel to meet the rest who were already in Bangkok as they took the earlier flight that day. 
This time I'll be staying at Urbana Langsuan again!

Checked in and took a nap before heading out, we decided to go to Siam cos we didn't want to get too far away from the hotel,

Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Siam Square!

one of the best tom yam soup I've ever tasted in my life. LOVE IT!!!

At night we headed out to party!!! First we went to Muse and finished 3 bottles really quickly before heading to RCA > Slim! Left early cos the boy got really drunk.... to the point where I had to carry him back ah. PIGGYBACK OK!!!

Up and awake the next day.. I think everyone was pretty hungover so we decided to go JJ the next day and just chill that day. Headed to Thonglor for brunch at one of my many favorite restaurants, Roast!

I got quite a few questions on where I got this top. I actually got it at a roadside stall at Siam Square the day before as I had nothing to wear for the entire trip (I usually don't bring clothes when I go to Bkk and I buy my clothes there hahahahaha) so yes, it was the last piece so don't ask me leawwwwww
Psst. I got it for 100thb only hehehehehehehe

 Love Roast!!! But I think because we went on a weekend it was quite crowded, had to wait for quite a bit before we got seats so.. I would recommend you guys to go on a weekday instead.

 After Roast the boys all went back to the hotel to sleep while I decided to head to Siam alone and get some shopping done. Shopped for a good 2.5hours before my shopping bag and hands were full hehe
Head back where the guys cooked dinner with everything they could find from 7-11 haha
After dinner we got ready and went to party again at Nunglen!

 My turn to head back early that night, hahahahaahhhahahahah so fail but I never really enjoyed Nunglen anyway, I thought it was so so only. Meh~

Headed to JJ the next day.. no pictures except for this photogenic coconut ice-cream lol

 went back and watch the guys swim, chilled by the pool and went... "mermaid-spotting" LOL
 chubby mermaid..
 starving mermaids..
 sexy mermaid?!?? HAHAHAHA

 At night we went to have mookata somewhere around Petchburi.. Don't ask me where!!!
I don't have the exact address so I don't really know. BUT IT'S OKAY, I wouldn't recommend it anyway cos I didn't really enjoy the food. Apart from the fact that I'm a boring food person I really think the only thing that was good about this place is that it's cheap haha.

 See this pot above ^, the ring of eggs were probably the only things I ate hahahahahah
However, the guys did enjoy tho. I don't know how many plates of prawns and meat they took, I think got at least 3kgs worth of prawn and meat. Hahahahaha I'm not even exaggerating!??! It's buffet style so you pay like SGD8 or something and you get free flow of food..
 But neh, I was bored the whole time and I just cooked meat and poured drinks for them.
All feasting like a king and I'm the pauper.. LOL kidding hahahah

 After that we headed to Chinatown for.....
 Yep Shark fin. HOWEVER, I didn't order this as I'm against and don't support Shark fin. So Aaron and I decided to have bird nest instead! Yummm *rubs tummy*
 That night was also our last night so we decided to stay in our room and drink instead, played tons of drinking game and had so much fun I think I almost died laughing at some point hahahahaha

 LOLLLLL, Formal and informal shots.. HAHAHAHAHA damn retarded I swear.
 Our flight was in the evening the next day so we had about half a day to spare, decided to head to Siam again! Had Japanese food for lunch~

 and the one thing we couldn't miss in Bangkok... After You!!!


 now you know why I'm so fat right. Lol!
And yea... finally back to +65~
Boo I hate blogging about Bangkok because every time I do I'll miss it so much :(
Not sure if I'll be returning to Bangkok within this 2 months tho, maybe... maybe not? hehe
If you guys would like to read about my Bangkok trips you can click the tags at the end of the post and you'll be directed to all of them! This is probably the last BKK post I'll be doing this year~
So yes.. I hope you've enjoyed the visual spam hehe
till the next time x