November 13, 2013

I AM...

 Haji Lane, is pretty much one of the very few places in Singapore which plays a huge and important part in my life while growing up. For those who've been following my blog since I started on Livejournal, I've practically been living and breathing Haji since as long as 5 years ago!
Aside from the various shops that have lined the entire street, one thing Haji pretty much lacked was good food! Recently a new cafe opened up at the start of the street and I was so glad I was able to check it out earlier today with J. This cafe is called I AM...
You wouldn't miss this place at all because it's situation right at entrance of Haji Lane, best time to go would be after lunch and before dinner as it was quite crowded at noon (when I went) and I've seen the dinner crowd when I end work and there would be a long line of people waiting to be seated! 
So remember if you want to check this cafe out, GO EARLY :) 

A glimpse of their menu...

Since we were kinda in a hurry we didn't order too much so we skipped appetizers and went straight to main course and beverages. I picked this Iced Lemon Tea which was brewed by the cafe themselves and I loved it to death! Usually I'm not a fan of Iced Lemon Tea but... it was a really hot day and this drink was super refreshingly good! 

  For my main, I ordered Fish and Chips! I've been dying to try this after Soph told me that I have GOT TO try this out as it was really good. So I did and yes!!! Really nice and yummy!
I loved the fact that the fish was fresh too :)
 J got the Hot dog set (I can't remember the name of the dish) but it's a jumbo hot dog sandwich topped with chunks of beef, onions, cheese and sauce.. Yeah you get my drift. 
According to him it was not bad and really filling! So I guess that means it's good uh?
 Didn't try it as I don't eat beef, but I'd take it from his comments that it was good uh.
Usually if something isn't nice he'll say already so~~~~ Haha
And yeah, that was about all that we had. It was good enough to fill our tummies tho..
in total the bill was about a little less than $40 so pricing wise for 2 it's still pretty reasonable :)

I will definitely come back and try out the pasta and pizza! I've seen the people around my table order them and it looks soooo yummy! If I'm not wrong I AM... is also famous for their rainbow cake, so if you're a cake fan, I guess you can head there and try it out too!

I AM… Cafe
674 North Bridge Road, off Haji Lane
(Opposite Golden Landmark Hotel)
Singapore 188804

*This post is not an advertisement, all comments and reviews are based  from my own experience*