November 22, 2013


Today I will be talking about a particular product which is pretty much the talk of the town now..
it is none other than Snail White!
The best selling snail cream in Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Australia, Macau is 
"SnailWhite cream consists of proteins and vitamins which enrich the skin and soften it. It also contains natural collagen and elastin which are the main components 
of the connective tissues in the human skin. 
Snail creams also consist of natural glycolic acid which is very helpful for helping the skin to exfoliate. Thus old skin cells are shaded off and new ones replacing them, making the skin looks fresh, young and smooth all the time. Other ingredients are added to snail white cream to make it wonderful"

For those who're new to snail creams.. I know the thought of snail secretion will come off as a little gross to you, but trust me, I discovered snail creams about a year ago and they have been one of the best products I have ever used on my face!!! Too bad the product which I used to use ran out and I got lazy to re-order it online
 Thank god for Snail White, I was able to re-experience snail products again :) 
Before Snail White contacted me, I've actually seen this product on my trips to Thailand, and I've seen many Thai Celebrities on Instagram rave about it as well. To be able to experience this product, can you imagine my happiness and excitement when I received the product?!?

First of all here's a little more about the product,
it contains 7 main ingredients which aids the process of giving us better skin!
Basically this Snail White helps with the lightening of scars and dark spots, as well as acne scars!
In turn, it improves and brightens up you skin texture giving you an overall glow and healthy complexion :) 
 Snail White works as a moisturizer, and unlike some moisturizers I really like the texture of this as it easily absorbs into the skin leaving it supple and smooth after application. 
To ensure that most of the product is absorbed, I like patting it into my skin till all of it is gone! 
So where can you get Snail White? None other than SNAILWHITE SG
SnailWhite SG is the one and only authorized agent in Singapore to sell this product so beware of buying elsewhere as it might not be the original item!
Their fourth batch of pre-orders are currently open from now till the 6th Nov, 10PM
so do hurry over to place your orders!!!

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*For my readers*
Quote "DONNA" upon checkout to receive complimentary registered postage
for your purchase :) 
Don't forget to check SnailWhite SG out on their social media sites for latest updates,
Instagram: @snailwhitesg

Last but not least, for our Malaysian friends, SNAILWHITE will be coming to you guys soon so do follow them on their instagram @snailwhitemsia for their latest updates! :)

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