November 28, 2013

TOKYO '13 // PART 1

Am baaaack with pictures from yet another trip this year which was to Japan in Oct!
I'm truly happy and blessed that this year I get to go abroad almost every month this year :)
I have holidays planned out till the end of 2013 already so am looking forward to my other
trips next month!!! 

So back to October, My mum decided to do something spontaneous and booked us tickets to Tokyo.
This was my first time visiting Japan and we decided to do free and easy to explore the country better by ourselves. This trip wasn't that long tho, in total we had 6 days and 2 were mostly 'traveling' days so in total it was about 3 and a half full days to walk around/shop etc... 
Which OBVIOUSLY wasn't enough hahahahaha

For those who're planning on visiting Japan, I'll try my best to include as much information as I can!
Tho this trip wouldn't be as informative as compared to all my Bangkok ones, I still have to say it's my first time so I didn't know many things/go many places this time... but nevertheless I'll still share what I have! :) 
We flew SQ to Haneda Airport! It's cheaper as compared to landing in Narita (I think?) Paid about $729 or so as there was a sale when we got the tickets!

Took a night flight so we arrived in Tokyo in time to catch the crack of dawn. Super pretty!!!

For our first day we didn't plan on going straight into the City, we actually travelled out to Hakone
which is another part of Tokyo which is nearer to Mt.Fuji. In other words it's like the suburbs/kampong as compared to Shibuya la, hahahaha.
Bought an express bus ticket to our destination, Hakone- Yumoto.

Mandatory tourist shots.. Hahaha
My clan for this trip, all my steady aunts and mummy! Hehe
Upon arriving I was blown away by the super pretty view of the place!
It was a small town, very calm and serene.... very Zen!!! Haha in addition to the weather it was almost perfect, I did not regret our decision to come to this 'kampong' cos it was a great getaway from all the fast paced and city life :) 
Our hotel is the building across the bridge, it's called Yumoto Fujiya Hotel!
Didn't manage to take any pictures of the room as we didn't check in till later at night and I was too tired by then I crashed without thinking about pictures. Lol sorry! 

Like I mentioned earlier I didn't get to check in until late, so we decided to explore the area!
Someone recommended me to check out their outlet malls which is about 
a 30minute bus ride away from Yumoto Station

The outlet mall wasn't that fantastic tho, I was pretty excited to go at first cos they had almost EVERY brand so upon reaching and seeing the directory I was OVER THE MOON
but after exploring the place there wasn't much for me to buy tho... in fact I didn't even buy anything except for a pair of body exfoliating gloves from Body Shop lol
Probably the only bonus was the super cool weather and the view of Mt.Fuji!
Overall it's a nice place to check out tho, I mean for the countryside to me this place is the most 'happening' as it can get already. Aside from the other small malls which the town probably has..?

The sun started setting from 5ish.. so we decided to head back. By then I was already damn tired,
Japan drains my energy level haha.

Got back to the hotel and crashed by 9pm that night. That was how tired I was. Haha so obviously no pictures as I was enjoying my beauty sleep hehe

Only 1 night spent at Hakone before we made a move to the city!
As our hotel was next to the subway station, it was really convenient for us to take a walk there to catch another express train to Shinjuku

Byebye countryside life and Hello City!!! *throws confetti*
I'm a (SUPER) city-life person so I can't survive out of the city for too long lol
Unless I'm on an all 'zen' trip then maybe it's different, 
BUT either way I'll still miss all the hustle and bustle. Hehe 
Hello Shinjuku!
Checked into New Shinjuku Hotel which wasn't exactly... New. It was pretty old I would have to say, didn't bother to take pictures cos it wasn't that chio also. HAAAAA
Walked around the Shinjuku area and decided to stop by a random restaurant for some udon!!!

Just in case my food pictures bore you.. let me remind you again that I'm a super boring food person
so a meal which comprises of only Udon.. with a chicken/egg is good enough for me hahaha

I know they look boring but trust me.... it's damn good!!!

We didn't travel out of Shinjuku that day as we mostly shopped around that area. I didn't buy much tho, apart from some basics and a top from Uniqlo. Haha, by the way Uniqlo is cheaper there as compared to Sg so it's worth buying I guess..? Hahahah

The city at night is really pretty, especially with the lights from the buildings and all. It's nice to basically stand there and just soak in the sight and superbly cooling weather. HOW I WISH WE HAD WEATHER LIKE THIS IN SINGAPORE. Seriously, this country would be just about 10times better if the weather was different haha.

random shot which I thought looked funny, haha 
Also, I gotta thank Shop Jenith for this Black Parka which I wore (below)
You can actually adjust the sleeves and wear it short, or long if you like. In this case, I wore them short!
Super lovin it and definitely will be wearing this piece a lot , even in Singapore!
Do check them out >> SHOP JENITH
My aunt brought us to this 100yen shop, it works something like Daiso but even more awesome cos mostly everything you buy is Made in Japan and seriously, we spent like almost....... an hour or more inside just shopping for random shit. My mum even got a broom okay, yep, A BROOM!!! 
Typical Singaporeans we are. Haha

My aunt also brought us to this restaurant for Tempura! She used to be a flight attendant so she flew to Japan a lot and knows quite a bit of places which has nice food. She was raving about the tempura here so we decided to check it out!

I was trying my best not to order too much food as I was feeling very guilty already, so I had the tempura and the rest I gave to  my aunts. Overall to me tempura just tastes like tempura la, not sure what about it was so good but, I THINK... I just have boring taste buds lol.
another close up of Tempura goodness~  hehe
I apologize for the abrupt ending for this post but that's all I got for Part 1!!! This wasn't a long trip so I didn't get that many pictures to make a long post, hence I decided to split it into 2! Hehe
No worries tho, I still have Part 2 coming up followed by Zouk Cruise holiday pictures!
Will be filming a vlog too so I guess there will be quite a bit coming up soon,
Do remember to stay tuned and keep reading! x