December 22, 2013


Hello everyone, I'm back this weekend with a video which I've owed you guys since forever,
it's none other than a How I achieve double eyelids video!
Many of you guys have been asking me for a video like this on my so I figured I had to do a video soon to answer all your questions! So...... here's how I did it!

How I achieve Double Eyelids with Plasters

Okay so hopefully the video helped with a thing or two, here comes the fun part!
For this post I'll be giving away these Double eyelid stickers (as mentioned in the video) just as a token to my readers and hopefully you guys can master the art of getting super chio eyelids with these ;)

1. Follow me on @ponyyzz on instagram,
2. Repost this picture on instagram 
and #ponyonhighstreetgiveaway along with 
your email in your captions!

Giveaway is open until the end of this week and all winners will be notified via email :)
Thank you for watching and good luck! x