December 15, 2013


so here's another post for one of my favorite cupcake store, it's none other than
for those of you who're new to My Sister Bakes, I've actually done a few posts for them which
you can find here, also they've very kindly sponsored my birthday cupcakes this year which was
too pretty I can't stop emphasizing on how much I loved them!
 in lieu of the festive season, My Sister Bakes have came up with Jolly ol' Christmas themed cupcakes!
can someone tell me how CUTE these cupcakes look??? I contemplated for so long before deciding which to eat first cos they all were so nicely done :')
 Some close up shots of the toppers which are 100% handmade and crafted lovingly by 
My Sister Bakes. I absolutely love how detailed everything is, super 110% effort!
 for those who don't believe me, here's my Despicable Me unicorn cupcake which was made for my 21st birthday!!! Too cute or what? And I didn't ask for this but E* from My Sister Bakes decided to make it for me as it went with my birthday theme. Super sweet :'*

Here comes the best part, let me take you on a trip to the inside of my favorite cupcake from 
My Sister Bakes - Chocolate Chip with Buttercream topping
Firstly I love how the buttercream is just the right amount of sweet, not too sweet, not too bland!
I can't eat through an overly sweet cupcake so the cream won me over first hehe
 after biting into the soft and moist cake, you'd be greeted with a surprise!
Tons of chunky chocolate chunks await you inside and the conbination of the cream+cake+chocolate is
SO DARN GOOD. *drools*
my favorite way of enjoying this is by putting it in the fridge for awhile so the cream gets hard,
and then you eat it so it works a little like.. Ice cream! :) 
It's honestly really yummy.. craving this as I type to be honest. Hahahahahahahahaha 
So if you're looking at getting some cupcakes as a gift this christmas, or if you're holding a christmas party and you're thinking of getting some cupcakes to go along as desserts, how about giving 
My Sister Bakes a shot! Not only will they make a great dessert, they'll make your serving table look really pretty with all the cute Christmas toppers! ;)

You can choose to mix and match the toppers which suits your liking/theme and these babies comes in sets of 6 and 12! For this Christmas cupcakes, flavors available are 
Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Vanilla respectively.

Email them at to place your orders now! :)

You can also find them at their various social media sites:
Instag: @mysisterbakes