December 4, 2013

PENANG'13 // DAY #1 AND #2 {PART 1}

Holla to all from Penang! 
For those who've been following me on Fb/twitter/instag you probably should know by now that I'm currently on holiday in Penang with my family :) Why Penang? I have no idea as well, Mum suggested it about a week back and decided that this trip would be a good bonding trip for us since we haven't travelled together for quite awhile, so..... here we are!

Since I stupidly left my MMC back in SG, I had to buy a new one here and since I'm here I might as well blog about the past 2 days here,
 This is my very first trip to Penang, was really surprised when I arrived cos the airport was really.. nice? I mean not superbly WHOAAAA but it was nicer than I expencted! I always thought Penang was some sort of a Kampung? Lol no offense tho, but really... it's a very nice town and I kinda like it!
 Upon arrival we took the airport taxi which costed us about.. 38RM? (I think)
It's a standard rate and you can't get other taxis from the airport except the airport ones, nevertheless the price is pretty reasonable if you compare it with local cab fares and the taxi itself is nice and comfortable!
 The hotel my mum booked is called G Hotel! It's located at Gurney Drive, just a stone's throw away from Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon Mall. Super awesome location and really convenient! 
The hotel itself is really nice too, I LOVEEEE the lobby!!! Looks really 'atas-ish' hahaha

 Instead of welcome drinks.. we had welcome ice cream! :)
 My brother and I shared a room, ours is a Superior Room (if I'm not wrong) and the room is really
hugeeeeee! We even had a study corner, and the toilet is chio too so I would highly recommend this hotel if you're intending to visit Penang :) Haven't stayed in such a chio hotel for quite awhile now so I'm super happy! Haha
 Also.. our hotel is directly infront of the beach!

After checking in we went to check out the mall next door,

 The malls are pretty much the same as Singapore, nothing special tho. Maybe just the prices of some items might be cheaper? The rest is pretty much the same~

In the evening, we decided to head to Batu Ferringhi.
This place is recommended by many of the locals and my friends as well so I decided to check it out, it's supposed to be a night market but we went there slightly early to have dinner!
There are so many food places there but we decided to settle on this seafood restaurant,
Super happy whenever I see Live seafood cos that means I get to eat... GEODUCK!!!
Super super super love geoduck omg....

The view we had from the restaurant was really nice as well! 


 Dou miao (above) which looks super fat!?!? and my brother's bowl of beef (below)
which is in my hand for this photo only haha. No beef for meeeeeee~
 Salted Egg Yolk prawns which is so so only.. I think Crystal Jade has better prawns hehe
 and another one of my favorite, Steamed Sea Bass~~~ *salivates*
 That was all we had... (my family members are all small eaters lol) and in total it was about $300SGD which is considered cheap considering we had Geoduck!

On the way out I can't help but feel sorry for this gigantic grouper in this tank, it's so huge that it can only swim one way and in the pic below it already swam to it's end.. so like if I'm not wrong fishes can't swim backwards, so it's kinda stuck? Damn sad!!! :( 

 It was nightfall by the time we were done with dinner so we decided to shop around the night market as most of the shops were open by then. Sadly tho, there wasn't anything nice or interesting to buy :(
Most of the stalls were selling repeated stuff which were mostly tourist souvenirs, fake branded goods and...... random toys and such. It's just.......... boring. Lol so unless you have nothing to do I wouldn't exactly recommending going there. Siam Square's night market is about 10x better I feel. Hahaha
I love BKK forever!!!
 We decided to get foot massages done tho! Along the streets there's plenty of massage parlors to choose from so we picked a random one and paid about...40RM for an hour of foot massage which is considered okay for the price. Massage was good as well so, no complaints! Haha 

 went back to the hotel and my dad suggested getting a drink at the bar, so we had beer and chilled for a bit before retiring for the night. I was soooooo tired yesterday I couldn't wait to crash. I was literally sleeping everywhere I could, on the plane/in the taxi/during massage etc.. too too tired!
 end of my longass Day #1 in Penang!
Day #2
Woke up this morning to breakfast in bed all thanks to my parents. They woke up super early for breakfast and decided to tapao for my brother and I. Soooo shiok hehe

We didn't know exactly where to explore today so I suggested visiting temples! We decided on one of the famous temple in Penang which is the Kek Lok Si Temple! This temple is situated on a hill which is about 20-30mins away from our hotel, we took a cab over which costed us 30RM!
Not sure if that's considered cheap or expensive here tho..

 The temple is REALLY REALLY huge tho!!! Like I'm not exaggerating when I say huge, it is HUGE! Hahah, I've always liked visiting temples, somehow I feel very 'zen' there. Plus this temple is located on a hilltop, makes it even more feeling hehe

I couldn't help but stop and stare at the ceiling of the main hall in the temple, it's well painted with  deities and gods, along with several sculptures.. it's really very nice and breathtaking. And to think that people did this many years ago was amazing. How did they manage to do all that!??!

After praying, there was an area with these Wishing Ribbons where you can make a wish!
Basically you pick out the ribbons which you want and donate 1RM for every ribbon, write your name on each one and hang it up on the wishing tree :)

Here was what I picked..
 and my kiasu brother who picked even more than I did.. lol

and finally hanging up our ribbons!

 explored the rest of the place and prayed at the various altars!
The main attraction of this temple is actually this really huge statue of Guan-yin. In order to see that we got to take a tram uphill where there is another part of the temple. So we bought the ticket for the tram which is about 5RM per person for a 2 way ticket.

 Taking picture with our zodiac signs.. 

 and there you see it, the giant statue of Guan-yin.
It's really huge and tall man omg... I was like "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" when I stood there. At that moment I truly felt like an ant. Haha

 After visiting the temple we took a slow walk down the hill to where the main streets are, 
 halfway down I saw this pond with SO MANY TERRAPINS!!!
some of which were SOOOO HUGE omg. It's so huge that it was kinda gross lol
but I was damn fascinated la, hence.... these pictures. Haha

Just located on the streets below the temple, we decided to try out the famous "Penang Laksa" 
which everyone raves about. So on the way up the taxi uncle which brought us to the temple recommended this particular hawker which sells it and claims that it's nice. 


 I'm sorry to say but pictures are pretty deceiving. It might look like a decent bowl of noodles but after stirring this up, it looked like drain water. I'm dead serious. And the taste is so... gross OMGGG
I don't need any other type of laksa other than Katong Laksa. Katong Laksa will do just fine for me :)
 Thank god for Plan B, this plate of Char Kway Teow saved the day. It wasn't exactly fantastic but it helped satisfy our hungry tummies hehe

 Took a short walk on the streets before cabbing back to our hotel!
Spent the rest of the day shopping at the mall and getting my hair done at the salon, basically we chilled the rest of the day away haha.
So far... I find Penang a lot like Singapore. Maybe just a little more laid back, and the weather is super awesome too by the way. It's cloudy everyday and there's hardly any sun! 
(Maybe cos it's monsoon season as well) but it's not as humid as SG which is what I love hehe.
Not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow tho, probably massage again or something
seriously getting fat here with all the eating and lazing hahahahaha

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this post! You can keep up on my daily updates on my instagram if you like, I will post visuals there on days when I don't blog so feel free to follow meeee :)
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Have a great week ahead! x