December 11, 2013

PENANG'13 // DAY #3 AND #4

Back with the second part of my Penang trip! 

 Day #3 we decided to go on a small tour around Penang on a taxi :) 
This is Suzie who is also our driver for the day, she's really nice and she charges the lowest fares in Penang! Besides being a taxi driver she also does tours at a small fee which is really inexpensive and worth it. Oh and don't worry about getting bored as she has sooooo much to talk about she's bound to keep you entertained hahahaha really cute! Am so glad we bumped into her :)
Here's her number > Suzie, 013-521 7644 
 For those of you who're thinking of heading to Penang, you can give her to call and ask her to bring you around! She also sent us to the airport on our last day and all for a really low rate :)
She's really nice too, and humble. It was nice knowing such an awesome person.

My mum suggested heading to the Tropical Fruit Farm which was about... a 30 minute drive away
 As you can see, we paid an RM35 for the entrance which includes a guide to take us around and a buffet at the end! I was super excited cos I was damn hungry so I couldn't wait for the buffet..

 Saw a variety of plants/herbs and random fruits haha
 Fresh cinnamon carved from a cinnamon tree (below)

 Pepper (above) and Macadamia Nut (below)

 Not sure what this fruit is but it was super sour!?!? Not nice at all.. Hahaha
mandatory selfie on the mountain..

 Also saw this berry which upon squeezing, oozes out juice which resembles blood..
the guide said that this is also used in shows/movies as blood haha, not sure how true tho?

 Water Apple (above) and Passionfruit (below)
If I'm not wrong, these fruits are wrapped in plastic to avoid getting eaten by fruit flies!

 Also got to see how pineapple is grown!!! Quite amazed actually.
A 'fully-grown' pineapple would take about 9 months to grow before it can be harvested and sold in the market, that is as long as a baby!?!

 Forgot the names of these fruits but the one below resembles a pokemon right?!?!

At the end of the tour, I was so excited for the buffet and to my horror when I got to the buffet area I realized it was a FRUITS BUFFET. Uhm.......... okay. 
 Can't complain tho, 35RM I can't be expecting Intercontinental Style buffet right hahahaha
 Nevertheless, we had a healthy buffet brunch filled willed fruits! I loved the passionfruit as it was super sweet my mum and I ate lots of it! hehe *rubs belly*
 Overall I wouldn't say the Tropical Fruit Farm was THAT fantastic.. most of the fruits we can find locally and everywhere so there's nothing special. Maybe the plus point will only be to see the plants and how they're all grown? No no harm not going. We went cos we had nothing to do hahahaha ;)

After the Farm Suzie drove us nearby for Durians~

 I used to like durians, especially sweet ones. But... I hated it whenever the smell lingers on my fingers so I kinda stopped eating durians for quite awhile now. Haha my parents finished them tho, I just watched and maybe took a bite from the durian in their hands hahahahaha #lazy

By then I had enough of fruits and I really wanted proper food, so Suzie then drove us to another place
for chicken rice!!! And she told us that this shop was special as the restaurant was really 'interesting'
 Ok so firstly, this was our meal. I wouldn't say that it was very fantastic but it was nice!
 and here comes the interesting part.... the entire place is filled with antique decor and furnitures!!!
It's literally a museum!

 Every inch of the shop is covered in some form of old and antique decor which makes it super interesting as there is really just SO MUCH to look at!!! While snapping these pictures my mouth was literally half open in awe cos it was really unbelievably cool.. and slightly eerie tho lol

Our day trip ended after visiting this Chicken Rice stall. In between we did visit small shops which sold snacks etc.. and Suzie managed to take us one round around the entire Penang too!
It was quite an experience tho, something different and quite fun as well :) 
After heading back, we went to get a massage done at the mall nearby and shopped for a bit before walking out to this super huge hawker just 3 mins away from our hotel, reminds me of Newton!
 As there were really TOO MANY STALLS to choose from and we weren't sure of what's nice there we just randomly bought whatever that was near us. Haha 
"O-Luah" - Fried Eggs with Oysters, I'm sure most of you will know this since it's so popular in SG
according to my parents this was damn good. (I don't eat oysters too lol) and they had 2 plates ah..
 Apparently this was "The Best Rojak in Gurney" I think it was okay la.... Best would be an overstatement hahaha.  
 and Chendol for my mum. I don't eat all the above so I had Fried Kway Teow which is so so also..
I think I'm too used to local food so I can't seem to find other food that beats the taste that I've already taken a liking to from local hawker stalls. Haha 
 Nevertheless, this hawker is worth checking out if you're a food lover and if you have a huge appetite!
Then you can try all the various food they have, I'm sure Tams would love it if she was here. She will literally order 10 dishes and slowly finish them hahahaha ;)

Headed back to the hotel to rest up as our flight the next day was noon which means we gotta get up early the next day so nothing much for Day #4 to be honest. Haha
I guess this marks the end of my Penang trip this month! 
Hopefully you guys enjoyed the visuals.. I apologize for the uninteresting fruit pictures haha~