December 31, 2013


So here's another post, which is probably also the last post for the year 2013
and to commemorate this post, here's a good news for me to share with you guys!!!

I'll be opening up a new store which will be starting its operation this January, 1.1.2014 (tomorrow)
and it's called Select Store!
However I won't be selling girl's clothing tho, it'll be more of menswear so you can all bring your guy friends and boyfriends!!! Haha and they'll be caps/accessories and clothing for men.
2 of the main brands we have in store now is Supreme and UNDER LA,
all stocks are 100% authentic and brand new! Specially imported from US itself :) 
and a vintage section with some designs which you can no longer find in the market!
All sourced globally and handpicked by us :) 

Select Store is situated really near Haji, just a few lanes behind Haji Lane and you'll find Sultan Gate!

And when I'm not at the studio... that's the second place where you'll find me!
So if you're free tomorrow, (1.1.2014) head down for our opening and check out the new store :)

Also, don't forget to Like us on
and updated daily will be our instagram page,
Instagram: @SELECT_STORE

71 Sultan Gate, Sultan Arts Village S(198486)
Opens daily from 1pm-8pm