December 15, 2013


Happy Weekends guys! :)
Today I'll be blogging the second part of my Japan trip earlier in October, for those who've missed out my first part, here's it is! > Part I of Japan'13 post

Starting off with our 3rd day, we had the entire day to explore Tokyo so first off we decided to check out Ueno Market! We spent so much time trying to figure the way there as the subways were honestly very confusing :( I only managed to understand it on my last day lol but yea... 

And if I'm not wrong this is like a fraction of an even bigger map, it's damn mad.

It took us about 30-40 minutes to get to Ueno Market. 

 Ueno Market is basically a.... well... market. Hahaha. You can expect to find lanes and lanes of shops selling random stuff ranging from clothing to footwear to beauty products and even a market selling fresh fishes and vegetables! 

 Taking a break at a random streetside food stall.
The best thing I loved about Ueno market were the shops which sells tons of beauty products, 
ranging from skincare to make-up, there is SOOOOO MUCH of them stacked up in the shelves of the shops and most of them were sooooo cheap!!!!??!?!
And I mean you can find Kose, Maquillage etc all that at almost half the price as compared to Singapore. I swear at the moment I loved Japan hahahahaha
I would highly recommend you guys to visit Ueno if you happen to be in Tokyo! 

For lunch we stopped by a sushi joint!

 I don't take sashimi so.. this place was so so for me. Haha I indulged in 6 ebi sushi (w/o the rice) 1 tamago and 1 chawanmushi and I'm done. A lot of my friends all said it was such a waste that I don't take raw fish cos I would have enjoyed them there BUTTTT I have a phobia of raw stuff so....
no thanks!

Next up, we headed to Shibuya! (Like finally)
 And of course, the famous Shibuya Crossing taken at the very crowded and famous Starbucks which
has one of the best views for the crossing, no doubt. Haha

For that day my apparels were sponsored by 
Outerwear: MINTPALLET (ad coming up soon!)
 Didn't do much shopping at Shibuya as I was on a hunt for some stuff so I spent most of my time walking to find some particular shops. Lol but we headed back early that evening, changed and all before heading to Shinjuku area to shop somemore~

 For dinner that night we ate at a chinese restaurant near our hotel, we were too tired and lazy 
to hunt for nice Japanese food haha. Nevertheless the food here was nice tho! 

 a bit of DTF vibes no? Haha

Day #4
This was our second last day in town as we had to move to our hotel next to the airport as our flight was 6am the next day. So bye bye Shinjuku~ 
On the last day I was wearing a cropped sweater c/o: DIRTYBLING
We spent half the day traveling to the hotel, settling down.. before I suggested that we headed back to town again for some last minute shopping. There wasn't much to do at the hotel and I didn't want to just waste my day away like that and so we did! 
Didn't take much pictures cos we went to basically the same places etc..

Got only about 3 hours of sleep before we had to wake up and travel to the airport at like..
4am or so?!?!? Super early omg. 
All the lobang we got from Japan hehe
 and finally... Home sweet home~
I was quite sad tho, cos I think that the trip was really short and I didn't get to go to many places due to time constraints, I never explored Harajuku nor go to Disneyland/DisneySea :(
I told myself that I WILL HAVE TO COME BACK TO TOKYO cos I love it so much!!!
So I won't be sad, this won't be the end of Japan for me.. will be looking forward to my next trip
back and hopefully I will have more time there as well x