December 17, 2013


Since Christmas is round the corner, I'm sure most of you are trying your best to get your christmas shopping done as soon as possible for your loved ones. As much as we all love traveling to town at this time of the year, no doubt will you find yourself trapped amongst thousands of other shoppers in town doing their christmas shopping as well. 

However, if you dread squeezing amongst people and getting stuck in a jam in town, how about doing your christmas shopping from home? Here's a new web store which I would like to introduce to you guys which sells novelties which would make great gifts this Christmas!
WHEN I CREATE is an SG based web store selling zakka related stuff ranging from 
home decor, stationaries and craft materials. Some of the items you find are handmade and truly one of a kind! If you're looking at something different to give your loved ones this christmas, why not check 
WHEN I CREATE out and you might just find something special for that special someone :) 

For this post, WHEN I CREATE has sent me an advance Christmas package featuring some
of the items that are up in their new Christmas Collection:
 And I was truly surprised+happy to have received such a huge package containing these!!!

The one thing that has caught my attention from my gift package was this Travel Journal,
I love how 'raw' it looks, with the band to hold it together etc...
 the inside was another surprise as well! I found 3 paper back booklets, and I'm a sucker for brown paperbacks so I was soooo happy that I had 3 inside! I could fill these books with so much stuff!
 Aside from the booklets, I found a card sleeve where I can put up to 5-6 cards inside.
This is truly great for traveling as I can write and take down notes, slot my passport in the compartment of the sleeve, and bring my important cards with me! 
Truly a journal/wallet perfect for traveling ;) 

I also received a pouch which I believe is handmade, that I can use on a daily basis for my important documents etc.. and I don't have to rummage my bag for them as I have them all in one bag!
 And a little extra something from WHEN I CREATE was this really dainty looking bow handkerchief and a Donkey Pin attached to it! I love how the entire thing is packaged into such a pretty way that when I received I didn't want to un-do the who thing cos it looks so nice the way it is!!! Haha
I loved everything I received from WHEN I CREATE as I didn't know what I was about to receive so as I slowly opened the parcel, everything came as a surprise to me and the feeling of receiving such pleasantly quaint gifts made it smile as it was truly something different and did not expect ;)

as I checked out their web store, I found something which caught my eye and I think would make a very awesome gift this Christmas! And its.....
 These really pretty Musical Carousels!!! Omgggggggg *faints*
Are they so pretty or what? Instead of getting it as a gift you can get one for yourself too as
I feel that they make a really nice decor for you room! (especially if you're a girl!)

Thank You so much WHEN I CREATE for these lovely presents :-*

Do check out WHEN I CREATE on their various social media networks,
Instagram: @whenicreate

Head over to their website out to check out more exclusive items as I don't want to spoil the surprise
to what you'll find ;)