July 26, 2013


I am baaaaaaak!!!
Felt like my birthday was a one week holiday, Princess treatment from all my loved ones around me
Also a big thank you to everyone for the well wishes and the gifts, will do a birthday post after this to
thank everyone and also my lovely sponsors :) 
My birthday would never have be this awesome without you all x
so back to this post, today I will be blogging about my experience with Drx :)
Recently I've been introduced to DRx and how I knew bout DRx was thanks to Eric, that boy couldn't stop raving about DRx and how awesome they were so when I was approached by them I was super happy and I couldn't wait to start my journey with them! 

My first appointment with DRx was Consultation with Dr Yanni, who was appointed to be my doctor.
Upon reaching the clinic I was blown away, it was so huge and white and clean, really got the 'medical' feel, I really liked that everything was very professional :) 
DRx has the entire level tho, one side comprises of the MediSpa and the other
(where I will be heading) would be the clinic :) Sign is placed there to avoid confusion! Haha
Just a quick visual tour of the place, here's the reception area!
Waiting area
Here's another waiting area which is located further inside the clinic, known as the private waiting area
Photo room to snap before/after pictures, it's super cool okay.
Like an entire room just for taking professional pictures to track your progress with DRx
treatment rooms with their specific treatment machines etc..
and finally the consultation room!
So what would I be doing as my very first treatment with DRx.... well its......Fillers!!!
What are Fillers?
Fillers are basically temporary enhancements injected into your face to create definition or fill out wrinkles, dents.. basically give your face the volume that it lacks of. Fillers aren't permanent tho, they lasts about 3-6months (depending on how fast your body metabolize them) some people would have them longer and some would only have them for a short period of time. 

If they're not permanent, where do they disappear to? 
Well, FILORGA fillers are made up of mainly hyaluronic acid and this hyaluronic acid is already present in our body.. so what our body does overtime is digest the acid and yea, the fillers will therefore dissolve away as well.

So where would I be doing the fillers?
After consulting with Dr Yanni and expressing some of my concerns, my fillers will be done on the cheeks and chin! I've always had this issue with my cheeks where I see this "dent" 
(you can see it really clearly on this pic above) and it gets obvious in most of my pics and I hate it cos it makes me look like my skin is sagging.... and I look super old!!! Dr Yanni said that could be fixed with fillers and I was super happy and excited to hear that :) 
I also chose my chin as to give my face a longer shape so it looks shaper and 
it makes my face look slimmer as well.

My consultation was a week before the actual procedure and I was super excited for the day to come!
So.. fast forwarding to the day of my procedure, I was brought into the private area to have numbing cream applied to the areas which I was gonna have the fillers done on.
Taking before and after shots first, followed by application of the numbing cream..
the other 2 bloggers who was with me that day were Joanna and Tricia! 
Hehe all of us looking forward to our treatments  (*^▽^*)

got to wait an hour for the cream to set in,

and after that we proceeded into our respective treatment rooms with the doctors assigned to us
HAHA sorry about the shower cap.. I look super ugly lol!!!

numbing cream removed!!!
The redness is just a side effect from the numbing cream, nothing much goes away in awhile :) 
and here's Dr Yanni! I'm so glad to have Dr Yanni as my doctor, she's really very nice and funny!
Makes you feel super comfortable about the procedure and knows what's best for your face :)
Right here she's explaining to me on where the fillers will be injected into
followed by marking the spots..

icing the areas that are to be injected..

and finally starting the procedure! 
Okay I know it looks painful..... but I FELT NO PAIN! I could feel the fillers going under my skin but that was about it. I also think it's partly cos I have a high tolerance for pain so..... yeah but I assure you I didn't felt pain at all which was awesome! 
after the cheeks were my chin!
and I was done in about.... 30-40minutes? Didn't exactly keep track of the time but throughout the procedure I felt really at ease and comfortable as I knew I was in safe and good hands ;)

A picture of me and Dr Yanni! Super chio yes?

and here's my face right after the treatment! 
first from my camera and second from the phone after I left the place, 
can you see my visibly fuller cheeks and sharper chin??! Major love love love!
I was so happy cos with my cheeks looking so much fuller it have my face a more youthful look
which I love!!! Especially when I smile you can see my cheeks so round and defined :D

and here's one day after the procedure,
Super in love with the results!!! 
I mean of course if you compare my face now and a day after the procedure my cheeks aren't as round anymore as there was a little swelling right after it was done. But I can still see my cheeks fuller than before and my chin is still sharp which I really love. 
Honestly I can say now I'm truly in love with fillers!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

 A big fat hug and Thank You to DRx and Dr Yanni and her team for the procedure and a little more boost of confidence as to how I look now. Am really glad to have stepped on and embarked on this journey with them :)
For more information on DRx you can look it up here: 
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Next post on DRx would be on my Skin so stay tuned for more updates :)
Thank You for reading and have a great weekend everyone x

July 23, 2013


Today, here's a shoutout for SHOPJENITH!
SHOPJENITH happens to be one of the webstores which I love working with and also worked with for quite awhile now, be it for shoots or advert wise.
Not to mention I can always find apparels and stuff that I will like with everyone of the collections!

Recently they've just opened a Korean Pre-order featuring a super huge collection of clothing designs from Korea and you have GOT TO CHECK IT OUT!!! There's is so much to choose from I'm sure there's something for everyone. Not to mention, the prices of these apparels starts from SGD15 and are really pocket friendly. Definitely worth every penny!

From the pre-order you can get yourself this super chic Style-Nanda inspired makeup pouch 
for only $19.90! Cheap and super cute, Love it!!! I would definitely use it as my new makeup pouch...
which reminds me that it's time I got myself a new one. Heh

Also this really feminine Chanel Inspired Quilted Bag which comes in Black, Yellow and Nude
retailing on SHOPJENITH for $23! Really versatile and the size is really just nice for a grab and go everyday bag. I've actually help shoot these bags and the quality surprised me! 
They're really sturdy, not like those soft and flimsy bags so they're good if you carry fragile stuff around such as your digitals *thumbs up*
about 2 weeks back I was also given to pick an apparel for the spree for an IG post and this was my pick! I was surprised the item arrived within a week or so fo a pre-order.. which is quite fast in my opinion and I was super happy with my choice!!!

Aside from their Pre-order, SHOPJENITH have also just launched a $21 Specials Collection
where everything is going at ONLY $21!!!! That's a really great deal for everyone!

*And of course with so much shopping to do, here's some promotions and deals for you guys*
Follow @shopjenith on instagram and snapshot the image 
when making the payment to get free normal postage
Spend an amount of $100 and get free registered postage. 

You can also find SHOPJENITH at there various social media here:
(For exclusive promotions/discount codes solely for instagram users only!)

Time to start some shopping guys!!! 


July 18, 2013


So as the title suggests, yes I'll be turning 21 soon, next Wednesday to be exact and.....
I guess I won't be throwing a major party?

I'm sure for most of us girls, turning 21 is quite a big deal of some sort. I used to be super excited about birthdays and how I couldn't wait to turn 21 and throw a big extravagant Princess party and be birthday Princess of the day haha. I think that dream just died as my 21st slowly approached.
I did try tho, to think of ideas and come up with plans as to how to throw a party but my mind just refused to co-operate. At first I was like "okay forget it, I shall just not celebrate" and everyone goes "huh it's your 21, how to not celebrate?" Yea I know it is, but I just don't have the 'feel' or 'drive' to throw a party, plus a lot of planning is required and I hate planning alone cos I'll have a lot of options and choices and decisions and to make it all alone it's so frustrating!!! And I don't like to bother people to help me out so I've to deal with all my ideas alone and it's so tiring!!! 
Just the thought of it tires me out already, hence at the end of my 'brainstorming' session for I'll come up with the conclusion which is "Aiya so troublesome, don't celebrate better" hahahaha.

So even if I did plan a party, the one thing I'm dreading is the aftermath
The huge mess and clean-up after, I don't wanna trouble people to all the cleaning also cos I'll feel damn bad. Lol. My mum insists that I throw a party on my roof garden, but that means they have to do the cleaning after. So troublesome!!! :(
Not sure what's gotten into me lately cos I weigh so MANY pros and cons as to why I should/shouldn't throw a 21st and I find more cons. 
Hahah I figured "all the $$$ put into the celebration I can do with a new bag... a holiday..." etc, 
I think I would be a lot happier with just money itself than the entire celebration/party!!! 
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like the company and joy of seeing and celebrating with my friends on my birthday, I can still do that without throwing a huge celebration right...? :/

Just filled with really mixed emotions with regards to this whole 'Should I throw a party thing"
I'm not wrong right? Haha this is not a complaint-post btw, just wanted to share how I feel and maybe yall can tell me on whether I just have a weird mindset or is this normal. Hahahahahahahahahaha 
So, putting all celebration woes aside, with every birthday comes a birthday wish list!!!
Okay la, it's not exactly a "BIRTHDAY" wish-list, more like it's a list of things that I've wanted for the longest time. I just want to put it here for the sake of doing so cos I don't expect anyone to buy any of these for me (except my mum if you're seeing this) *drops big hint* HAHA

Chanel Boy in Black/Medium Sized
ever since they've been out and Chanel decides to be an ass by emailing me and mailing me the posters of these babies I've been in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I don't ask for any special color in particular, just the black in calf/lambskin will do. It will be the perfect sling bag I swear. I wantttttttttttt!!!
Haha mummy you see this? ^^^
actually the patent ones are damn chio also. Haha >.<

(at this moment I'm getting damn excited just lookin at pics of the bag ok, even more excited and happy then whilst I was composing the top half of the post zzzz lol) 

Chanel Première Watch 

I know when it comes to watches and spending more on them everyone would suggest buying a Rolex as it would be a better investment. But still....... My love for Chanel stays strong and when I saw these for the first time in the boutique my eyes were almost popped out of their sockets ok. LOL
Before these were released I've always had my eyes on the J12, but the one thing I hated about those were the plastic 'straps' but these are perfect!!! Super chiooooooo.

Air Tickets!!!
I had a resolution for the year of 2013, and that is to travel as much as possible to wherever.
Who wants to send me out and away from Singapore? Now's your chance!!! Hahahahahahaha
I wanna go to Japan, Europe, England.... anywhere! I just want to travel and take lots of pictures omgggggg can't wait for the day I get to travel the world. Hehe

Agnes Unicorn Plush
I remember googling for them on ebay like a year back and they were retailing for USD$80!?
Siao... anyone knows where I can get this and I don't have to wait for so long for it to ship over :(
Don't get me mistaken, not lovin these babies just cos the movie just came out and they're everywhere but I fell in love with the minions ever since I watched the first Despicable Me. 
I remember downloading the movie and watching it a million times and honestly I think DM is one of the best cartoons by Universal Studios I've ever seen. 
Everytime I see anything minion I'll start squealing like a weeeetard, I think Yicong has seen like most of me that way. Apparently I was told then when I'm high/drunk I talk like a minion ok. LOL that's and guess what? That's like my nickname now zzz. 

Initially I planned for a minion themed birthday celebration... but... I thought of it too late and to order and ship all the stuff in by this weekend would be too late :( So I ditched the idea.
Oh well, there's always next year! Imagine.. minion cupcakes, cakes...... OMGGGGG TOO CUTE.
Saw this earlier and I died a little. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE TO FIND THIS!!!
Okay.. getting very carried away with the minions. Hehe 

and last but not least, my biggest wish for my 21st would be..
(picture above credits to google.sg/ its not mine)
Hehehehehehehehehehheehhheehe to earn lots and lots of money so I can get all the above for myself!
guess I'm just money-minded like that. Aunty mindset, can't help it :/
I think that's about it for my wish list, I think's the most random wish ever la. Haha
But of cos I'm not asking for anything on my birthday, I mean after all it's just another day.. and maybe another day for an excuse to do something special I guess? Hehehe

Since my 21st falls on a Wednesday this year it's even harder to plan a celebration :(
but I kinda figured, since it's gonna fall on a Wednesday and Wednesday means..
I guess the only party I will be going to would be to TGIW! Can it be any more timely? Haha
And cos I want it to be a fun night, here's me extending an open invitation to everyone of you! 
Hehe if you have no plans on wednesday night, why not come? Trust me you wouldn't wna miss TGIW for anything and next week it's gonna be my official birthday as well! 
2 parties within a night ;)
Don't say I never ask. Everyone is welcome hehe ;)

I guess this is pretty much all for today's post. Super wordy I know, hehe
thank you for taking the time to read it tho. Hopefully I'll see you all on Wednesday :) 
Do come if you can! I'm really nice hahahahaha will definitely say HI!