January 2, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

Happy New Year all!

Another great year has passed and I'm glad 2013 has ended. I can't wait to see what this new year will bring me but I'm hoping for bigger and better things to come :)

Looking back at 2013, I can see how much have changed. How I, my life have changed.
I wouldn't say that 2013 was a tad too fantastic for me, I think it could've been better if I were to step up on my game. However, I don't regret anything and I know I will work harder this year.
Nevertheless the year 2013 does have a fair bit of good memories as well, here's looking back at 2013..

The year started off with tons of madness and party nights with my babies, hahaha
Omg... i remember how crazy those days were. OMGGGGGGGGGG.
I had a phase of crazy hair which something I never regretted cos I miss my crazy hair sooo much!
2013 started with tons of partying!!! Almost every.week.I'm.partying.
Come to think of it now I have no idea where I managed to find all that energy haha

Zouk is one of the places I'd be mostly every other week in '13, I'm so glad for Sofie who never fails to make the party so much fun. Like I said, I'm always thankful to have found this angel. Thank You again for you bb for always looking out for us x
oh and I had striking Pink hair. Haha

Bangkok in Feb.
I had my fair share of travels in 2013. It was my resolution in 2013 to travel as much as possible to anywhere in the world and I think Bangkok topped my list. Haha 
I was there in Jan, Feb, March, May, June, September purely for fun bcos I love BKK that much!!!

Bwahahahahahhaa J and I when we were friends, lol.

My days at 2013 I got to give it to Yicong (aka Gary on my blog) hahahaha
so many of you have asked if I was dating him cos I was with him most of the time. Frankly speaking I think I was more of a parasite on him lor, always nagging and whining at him. But no, we weren't dating cos I've known this boy for almost 5 years now I thank god for him cos he's been such an awesome and great friend-almost brother for me and took care of me like a baby. Hehe
Thank you YC for everything! x

My friend who doesn't know where Dubai is. Hahahahahahaha I love you Judith.

Our first New Balance assignment together! Tammy and I :)

BKK in March for Sofie's birthday. So many of us flew over (about 30?) just to celebrate and we had some of the craziest party nights over in Bangkok. 
Ahhhh just thinking about it makes me miss it so much :(

and because we knew the party wasn't enough, we were back in May for more!!!
Bangkok in May.

Then there was a phase where I was super tanned from running in the afternoon.
omg gross!!! Haha

sharing a kiss have drunk with dx, hahahahahah I remember this moment was filled with emotions
yet we were both so high lol. Love you bb!!

Mae who celebrated her bday that night, always and forever my little sister x

I made the guys head to the Aquarium with me hehe
the aquarium turned out to be really boring tho -.- lol

Somewhere midyear I got my fillers which I think changed my life!!!
Or the way my face looks la, I love them so much :D

Road trip to KL with the boys to party!!!

 and then Bangkok with the family.

And in July I turned 21!!! 
 I had a surprise minion party planned by my family and the bestest group of friends I can ever have!

We had events with the TPI (The party invaders) created after Sof celebrated her bday in Bangkok
and our group has been growing since!!!

I got my eyebrow tattoo-ed? Hehe

Joined my first run/second assignment with New Balance which is The Color Run which was soooo
much fun (but tiring) I hope they return next year!!!

Had a serious of hardcore Neverland nights with my Siam babies!
Kim and Denise- MMMKB Partners in Crime bwahahahahahahahahaha

In September I found J,
 Okay la maybe not find, he was downstairs (SUP) all along hahahahahahahahahaha

and in September, SUP retreat to Bangkok!!!

A short trip to Tokyo in October with my Mum and aunts!

Juicy Couture opening in MBS with Sofie x

 Did a shoot for Club Pets magazine (now out in stores) with Bijou!!!
I think this is his first official photoshoot hehe

In November, I had almost a weeklong madness of being stuck in a cruise with 8 other awesome people and partying all day and night eating weird food. Hahaha one of the events which I will remember for life :)

  In December, I went to Penang with my family and hung my wishes for 2014,
praying that all will be better this year.
This year I won't be making a list of resolutions to fulfill cos honestly... I won't remember every single one of them down the year SO, like I said the one thing I would wish and work towards this year is for bigger and better things ahead! I have so much to do and act on so hopefully I will have the determination to do it. 

I hope all of you have your goals and wishes for the year ahead so let's take this year and make it work
without letting it go to waste. Time honestly flies by so quickly and before we know it soon it will be 2015. Haha, I'm not exaggerating ahhhhhh it's true!

so to end off this post, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and a blessed year ahead.
May you all be happy always and always remember to Love with all your heart x
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Thank You x