January 12, 2014


Hello everyone! Here's a review as promised, my very first review of 2014 :) 
Today I'll be introducing you guys to one product which I happened to find last month and instantly made me fall in love with it after just 1-2 times of usage
and that product is none other than the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!
 Just a little behind Innisfree, Innisfree is a beauty brand which originated from Korea. 
One thing that Innisfree is famous for would be their all natural and eco-friendly products from the prestine island of Jeju :) I've begun to love using skin-care products from Korea mostly because it's made suitable for Asian skin +++ have you seen how awesome the skin of Koreans are!?!??
I want skin like that too!!! *sulks*
why this clay mask? 
I've been using clay masks for as long as I can remember and before this mask the one clay mask I've used is from Kiehl's and it's the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask 
I've mention this product quite awhile ago on 1-2 of my blog posts and I highly recommended it to a lot of people as it's really super good in helping to keep my complexion clear :) 

However, this mask seemed to have ran out of stock for the past few months and even the staff working at Kiehl's themselves have no idea when it will be back in store,
PLUS I was going through a really bad breakout and I needed a mask that could help soothe my red and irritated skin... so I chanced upon this mask while I was browsing Innisfree
*(Innisfree have opened their first ever store in Singapore which is located in Takashimaya)*
and so I decided to give this product a try.
 Some properties of Clay masks are that they cleanse the pores of toxins and detoxes your skin,
it exfoliates as well as tones and firms your skin
which is why...... I LOVE CLAY MASKS!!!
After using them I always see a brighter and firmer skin, the redness from my pimples would be subsided and to make it better, before going to bed I would apply a bit of the mask on my pimple as a spot-on treatment and by the next morning the pimple would have subsided by half? Super effective!
After using the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, I realized it has similar effects to the one I've used previously (Kiehl's) and thank god for this mask it helped with my recent breakout to the point where it cleared most of the pimples on my cheek! 
(along with my detailed skincare routine and good sleeping habit)
I was sooo happy because not only have I found a substitute but I've cleared my skin as well :) 
Another plus point would be that I got this mask at a cheaper price as compared to the Kiehl's too!
The Kiehl's one was about $45 whereas I got this at $21 so I like that the price is not too expensive :)

For this mask I would suggest using it 2-3 times a week for about 30mins each application,
I always leave it on for a longer time tho cos I'm damn lazy to wash it haha so sometimes I leave it on till like an hour or so later. If you have combination skin, you can also apply only on the oily/affected areas so that you won't dry out the more sensitive areas! Overall I think it's a perfect mask for all skin types and helps give your skin that 'pick-me-up' that it needs :) 

Innisfree can be found in Takashimaya, Basement 2

*This post is not a sponsored nor paid for advertorial, all comments are based on my own experience*