January 26, 2014


So as the title suggests, this post will be on- SHOPIFY! 
Not sure if most of you have heard of this e-commerce platform called Shopify but for those of you who're looking at setting up a store online... keep reading!!! This post would be great for you :) 

Ever thought of setting up an online store but not sure where to start?
 Especially when you need a platform and a website to showcase and sell your products. 
However, as some of us aren't equipped with a fine set of HTML skills to design our own site from scratch, hiring a professional website designer to create a site for you may cost a bit more than our budget as well. At the same time, we worry that our online store may not be reaching out to
customers.....What should we do?

Look no further, for today I shall introduce Shopify to you and 
how you can get your shop up and running with just a few clicks ;)
Here's a step-by-step guide on how I managed to create a store for Select all by myself!
Setting up an account is easy, just fill in the details such as your email, store name etc..

After conformation, your account is all set up! Which brings you to your dashboard,
 here your dashboard works somewhat like a control station! It's the main page of your account and on the left is a list of all the things that you need for your online store!

Upon signing up, Shopify has provided me with a start-up guide on how to get everything started.
Firstly, I get to choose the layout and theme of my store!
to check out the wide array of themes Shopify has to offer, visit the 'Theme Store'
There's free themes as well as premium themes so you can choose to use the free themes made available for you or you can choose to pay a small amount and get a theme that your really like :)

Honestly there were so many themes to choose from!!
After looking through them I decided with this theme (below)
While browsing through the themes, you can actually preview the themes and see what they look like in real life. Apart from the usual demo, there's also a mobile preview which really surprised me as not only can your store look nice on the computer, it looks nice on the phone as well! :) 

 After picking a theme, I continued with some customizations of the layout and theme

When you're satisfied with how your store looks, next up will be adding in products!

To add a product, simply fill in the product details and upload the pictures of them,
save and you're done!!! Really quick and hassle free :) 

 After the product part is done, I went on to explore the rest of Shopify and here you can edit and set your preferred mode of payment on your site. For paypal you can simply link your paypal account and for atm and bank transfers you can pick accordingly

What I love about Shopify too is their email templates! Now I don't have to camp at the computer and wait for orders to come in so I can reply them, but setting up my email templates Shopify can email them once their order is done and all I have to do is to pack and send! :) 

Lastly, if you want a domain of your own, you can purchase it and then link it to Shopify :) 

After doing all that I finally got my store up and running :)

Now all I have to do is wait for my first order and everything is good to go :) 
It's that easy, and all made easy thanks to Shopify!
and now here's the best part...........................!!!!!
Shopify will be giving away 5 SETS of 3-MONTH STARTER-KIT TRIAL to my readers!
With this trial, you can personally set up your store and experience for yourself how easy it is
get a store up and running with the help of Shopify!

I know some of you out there have ideas and plans to start up an online store
 but don't know where to start, why not start from here? :)
To participate in the giveaway:
Email your Name, Contact number and Shop Name to contest@gushcloud.com
Include a short description of 
1) Why you want to set up an online store 
and 2) What you plan on selling
Contest is open to Singapore Residents only and winners will be 
notified via phone or email

If not, you can always head over to www.shopify.com.sg to set up your online store now :)