January 7, 2014


1/1/1 - Day 1 at Select Store, super stoked and excited to open! 

so we have about 4 cats around the outside of the shop, and they're all really pretty!!!
 Leonardo's my fav (he's named Leonardo DiCATprio by Tammy and I) hahahahahaha
his original name is Tiger BUUUUUUUT we're sticking with Leonardo. Hehe
 He's sooooo pretty no? Looks like a white tiger/snow leopard. Chioooooo

another random day when Bijou is trying to eat me up 

another day at work! 
 and another...

here's another kitty, named Sailormoon Pereira Diamante (by us) but found out later that it's name is actually simple ol' Matthew -.- Haha

yesterday bb decided to pop by to visit and brought me snacks, thank you bb for always feeding me lol

if you're free and around the area do drop by and visit too!!! I work here mostly everyday :D

Select Store
71 Sultan Gate, S198496

My days will be filled with work and work and work so I'm thinking of what I can start blogging about for the year of 2014. Since I won't be out much, maybe I'll start doing product reviews etc..?
I have some stuff at home which i think will be worth recommending so I think I will start with my first review of 2014 tonight and have it up sometime this week! 

Wanna film a vlog but I kinda broke my camera lens cos I dropped it (yes I'm damn stupid)
and I couldn't stop swearing when that happened. Seriously damn suay. Pui!!!

But nevertheless I'll get it fixed and do up a new vlog too! :)

Gotta work hard this year, gotta work doubly hard omg. Can't let another year go to waste already x