January 19, 2014


How many of you girls have the stinky habit of peeling the polishes off your nails..?
It's such a bad habit but it just irks me when my polishes chips and there's just this part that lifts up and allows me to peel the rest of the polishes off, ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE GEL POLISHES HAHA
So that was what I did and it damaged my nails sooo terribly till I had to use normal polish to try cover it up.. which failed as well as they kept chipping and I was stuck with ugly nails :(
Time... for a manicure!!!
For the year of 2014, I've found myself a new sponsor to take care of my nails and they are none other than... 
The Nail Artelier!
The Nail Artelier is helmed by two nail artists who are both certified professionals with years of experience creating works of art on thousands of customers’ nails. Meet Ying and Jenrine - they ran successful home salons (at Nail Art Express and Everyday I’m Polishin’ respectively) before their common passion for nail art brought them together to create The Nail Artelier.
and guess what... The Nail Artelier is located right in the heart of... HAJI LANE!
Hahahahaha my life literally revovles around Haji and Bugis now hehe ;)
The parlor is located on a second floor and it's situated in a cosy little corner where the magic begins!
The Nail Artelier is built around the theme of Alice in Wonderland and within the shop you can see hints and accents derived from the story which makes it really whimsical and quirky :)
Something really nice and new, I like how peaceful it is up there too!

I couldn't keep my eyes off the place as there was so much I could look at!
Also, I peeked at some of the designs which they've done and came up with and I love them so much I had a hard time deciding what nails to pick for the day. I even planned what I want to do the next time I'm back hehe. Super fast right!

Stared at my ugly nails while waiting..... oh my god I should stop peeling them

after getting my toes painted a nice coat of red (just nice for CNY hehe) it was time for me to 
get my fingernails done!!! 
and call me pantang or whatsoever but check out my CHINESE NEW YEAR NAILS!!!
Each and every detail was hand-painted slowly and really skillfully by Jaclyn the nail-tech who's assigned to do my nails for me and she did such a wonderful job! :) 
Check out the fortune kitty on my thumb! And the chinese opera lady on my ring finger too!!! 
I am so glad to be able to have such pretty and cute nails just in time for CNY :)
To check out more of the works by The Nail Artelier, you can find more pictures on their
website: http://thenailartelier.wordpress.com

If you're looking for a place to have really good nail art done, look no further and head to
The Nail Artelier!
However, as they're fully booked from now till after Valentine's Day,
it's best if you call to make a booking for then :)
and a last picture to mark off my very first set of nails with The Nail Artelier!
Can't wait for the next and more sets to come :)

The Nail Artelier
48 Haji Lane, S189241
Tel: 62988028