January 28, 2014


so on Friday night I went for my second experience with Korean BBQ~
Previously I tried Manbok Galbi, this time it was at another restaurant - Wang Dae Bak!

 to be painfully honest here but..... I think I really suck as a food person. LOL
Everyone I know will agree with me on that, even my bf thinks I'm the most boring person to eat with 
mainly because of the many things that I don't eat.
so while I was really excited with the idea that I'm gonna be having Korean BBQ, I realized there isn't much that I'm going to eat because everything is either spicy or beef :S
 so due to my boring food choices, the only thing that I was left with was chicken.. pork... and...
You have no idea how my eyes lit up with I realized that there was going to be an entire POOL of egg
surrounding the meat hahahahhaha! Best part was that.. IT'S REFILLABLE!

 so despite not being able to take chilli/spicy food, I'd still try eating some and selectively I have
a few dishes that I will eat no matter now spicy they are and here's one which I LOVE,
 Spicy Rice Cakes! (ddeokbokki)
I absolutely love love love love this dish so much even tho it burns my mouth. I simply love chewing on the rice cakes cos it's just so....chewy and sticky hahaha.

 overall, I think it's a great place for Korean BBQ! Pricing wise is still okay, it'll be good if you go in a big group and share tho so I think it'll be more worth it :)

Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant
22 Cross St, China Square Central #01-64
Opening Hours:
11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm. 
Closed on Sundays