January 10, 2014


so another week has gone by pretty quickly, I just thought I'd upload a few pictures to keep my blog updated! Working on the upcoming review of my first product (which I love) 
so be sure to look out for that :) 
 work's work.. sitting down for long hours makes me sleepy, so I drink tons of juice and water and make sure that I pee a lot so I have an excuse to keep going to the toilet. Hahahahahahahahahha
 it's good for detox anyway! Hehehe

Pictures of my little precious furball, I love how he snuggles to me in the morning and keeps tryna wake me up so I can scratch him. Super manja ok!!!

Aww.... sho cute!!! <3 p="">

a selfie from ealier today while I head to work. I LOVE my make up whenever it's freshly done cos it always looks sooooo nice, and till the later part of the day my face will look damn sian and boring cos I feel like my make up just loses it's.... glow. Then it calls for touch-up which I'm so lazy to do so... I always look like shit at the end of the day. Hahahahahahahha

 an #OOTD shot from today as well! I love the mirror placement in the new store as it's perfect for taking OOTD shots hehe. I will try to do more #OOTDs in future!!! :)  

So that's probably all I have for this little post before the weekends officially take over, 
how quickly time flies as we're already at our second weekends of the year! Haha
Nevertheless, I hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead yeah x