January 21, 2014


just a quick post to sum up my weekends which went by soooo quickly hehe
was working at Select on Saturday when everyone just coincidentally decided to pop by! 
 I swear everyone did not plan it together, they just happened to pick the same day to come down!
So happy to have the company of these precious ones cos some I haven't seen ever since 2014 arrived
 we had a great afternoon/evening just chit-chatting over super yummy pandan cake (c/o my love, J)
and basically just talking and laughing about... well... everything hehe
So glad you all came down to support + not forgetting Eug who's not in the pic hahahahaha
so much love

For dinner, I finally managed to have my butter ribs!!! *noms noms noms*
I've been craving this since forever and because it's quite far from where I live and I don't drive..
it's pretty inconvenient for me to go there so I haven't had Two Chefs in forever!!!
 Thank god we had dinner that night with the company with a few others and my dearest Kang Gary aka Yicong so he drove us to have our fix of Butter Ribs!!! :)

For those who don't know... I've been a fan of Two Chefs since years back and Tammy Dx and all are also big fans so we've been coming here since many years ago and they serve really good chinese 
"zhi char" food! 
Some popular dishes would be their signature Butter Ribs, Spicy Minced Pork Tofu and Drunken Cockles (if I'm not wrong.... haha) But nevertheless all their food is nice so yea :) 

Herbal Chicken which is SOOOOO GOOD!!!
They only serve this on weekends so if you're there on a weekday, I'm sorry they don't have it!

I forgot the name of this dish but I love it as there's salted egg in it hehe
There's also century egg tho (but I hate that) and it's mixed with vegetables into a soupy thing...
LOL I'm so bad at describing food BUT it's nice as well! Haha

Butter Ribs!!!
There isn't exactly butter as the name suggests but it's fried with milk powder and the whole thing just tastes really good in whole. Ahhhh just talking about it makes my tummy growl :( 
 Definitely one of my favorite dishes which never gets old! 
and finally, the Drunken Cockles.
I don't care eat this cos it's kinda raw....??? But the guys love it so I assume if you like raw stuff you might like this as well. I've seen many people order it so I guessssssssss it's nice? Haha

Would recommend you to check out Two Chefs if you want! But it can get crowded at times and especially on weekends so it depends if you're really lucky you don't have to wait long~

Two Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent 
More info: 

and then I spent my Sunday at home catching up with my parents, spending time with 
my little fluff ball, walking him and bathing him, and ended off the day with watching FROZEN
which I LOVE!!! Can't believe it took me this long to finally watch it, I still remember sleeping that night with the song just ringing in my mind "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER......~~~"


Go catch it if you haven't! Haha