February 11, 2014


Before I jump into my post, I hope you guys will take a moment to watch this short clip produced by the collaborated effort of Durex and JinnyBoyTV. Trust me, it's gets better at the end! ;)

You can also watch it here at > http://on.fb.me/1kiaDHz <
Hahahahahahah who would've thought???
As we all know, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and no doubt it is one of the most celebrated 'season' in Singapore. In this season of Love, Durex is initiating a movement called - Valentine Vow
This movement is to want You to make a vow and do something meaningful for your special someone!
and Yes you saw that right, and by making a vow you'll stand a chance to win a getaway!!!
(keep reading for more details!)

For Valentine's Day this year.. I doubt I will be doing any major celebration or loveydovey sorta stuff
Come to think of it I haven't exactly celebrated Valentine's Day at all? Hahaha
I think my most happening Valentine's Day- days were in secondary school when all of us would write small notes and letters, bake cookies, bring roses etc. and present them to our closest group of friends and even our teachers! Who says Valentine's Day has to be between Lovers? I love my friends equally as much and we all love each other too hence that's how we celebrated Valentine's Day during those years haha. Oh how time flies~
so moving on, to join the movement I've decided to make my vow too
It only took a few simple steps and within a minute I was done !!! :)
As J and I are gonna be swamped with work this season, we wouldn't be celebrating Vday..
However, we'll be heading to Hong Kong on the 19th. I could count that as a belated Valentine's Day no?  Hahahaha. For me to be able to go on a holiday is considered a celebration +++
 I'll be heading there with J so that's double the celebration!!!
I'm sure most of you would have had something planned for your other half,
be it your first Valentine's Day together or... your XXXth year celebrating Valentine's Day together,
we all want this day to be really special right? Share with us how you want to make the most of your day with us by making your vow too! Who knows you could be the lucky winner to that getaway!!!
Just by participating, you'll stand a chance to win these awesome travel goodies which is perfect as you get to treat your loved one to a holiday! What can be better than spending quality time with one another in another country besides Singapore?
It's definitely one of the best ways to pamper your partner :)
Click Here or the picture above to make you #valentinevow today :)

Now in this generation, there are judgmental people who judge when they hear the
word ‘SEX’. However, LOVE is not about judging others.
Lastly as we all know, Durex is one of the leading companies in the market manufacturing products for Lovers all over the world. Believing that everyone has the right to have healthy sex, they would like to remind everyone to be safe and stay protected, not only for yourself but your loved ones as well  x

Happy Valentine's Day!