February 6, 2014


So I guess we're about a week into the Lunar New year..
somehow I haven't got the chance to fully grasp the CNY 'feel' as compared to the previous years.
I guess when we grow up CNY just gets a little more boring each time (for me that is)
*ahem*Ang pows getting lesser and lesser*ahem* ..... hahahhahahahah

After I moved last year, our reunion dinner has been moved to my place so this is the second time we're having a reunion dinner at the comfort of my house! Nothing extravagant tho, just my closest family members, steamboat and the usual Lou Hei
 Do you guys actually eat this??? (below)
I really.just.can't.seem.to.understand.this.dish.in.a.whole lol
Till now I don't know exactly what all the ingredients are but I only eat the crackers haha

 Huat Huat Huat!
Wishing for a prosperous, successful and wonderful year ahead :)

I spent my eve over at a friend's place as CNY gambling had officially started for them lol
One thing about me is that I SUCK at gambling cos either I don't dare to play/lose or I do, but most of the time my luck is literally shit. Really damn sian. BUTTTT almost 99% of my friends gamble so whenever they gamble, I'll be there.....just watching...floating around like a ghost......
or even better,
be a maid and serve water. 
I didn't do much this year for CNY since I'm supposed to be in the process of 'mourning' the passing of my Gramps last December. For those who don't know it's a tradition whereby we go through a 'mourning' phase for about 100days before any particular festive celebration/celebration etc. 
(correct me if I'm wrong, I think it's something like that uh)
My parents and brother spent the day at home tho, but I didn't wanna stay home so I tagged along with my aunt and cousin to house-hop and 'gamble' Haha
 Am tooooo in love with my top!!! Can't believe it took me so long to actually wear it out!
Got it from Bangkok last year and had this top shoved somewhere deep in my closet,
only to have me dig it out months later cos I had nothing to wear for CNY lol

Went around SG the entire day and got soooo tired! My day ended with us at my Aunt's gambling as well haha. I think CNY just exposes the inner-gambling-gods in everyone (but me)

I spent my second day visiting my gramps followed by steamboat... again and gambling... again
by the end of day 2 I was so sick of steamboat and cards LOL
OH OH and day 3 I had steamboat too!!! 3 days in a row, my god *gags*
That was probably my CNY so far, back to work on Monday and yea.... feels like it's over already
although I still seem to hear ching-chong music playing from every shop I walk past haaa
nevertheless I did enjoy my holiday tho, best part was probably catching up on sleep!!! :D

so anw, I hope you guys enjoyed your celebration! For those who didn't you still have another weekend to go! All the best if you're gambling and collecting ang pows hehe
Wishing you guys all the best in 2014 and may you have a horsin' year ahead!!!