February 20, 2014


As we all know, Thais and their celebrities are well known for their superbly clear and radiant complexion! Apart from going to facials/lasers etc. to treat the face, skincare is also an essential when it comes to achieving good skin! Speaking of Thailand, here's another product from the land of smiles, which I was given to try and blog about. 
This product is none other than the KISS, Whitening Collagen Mask

This mask is super raved about online and in Thailand (on Instagram) and one of it's best selling points would be that it's 100% packed with natural ingredients ensuring that you skin only receives the best!
This mask contains some of the vital ingredients to give your skin the vitamin and nourishment that it needs most. Additionally, it also helps smoothen the skin giving it the radiance and glow :)

The key ingredient is none other than Collagen. 
Collagen is a regenerative agent which renews your skin keeping it young and supple! 
The more collagen, the better it is ^^

When it comes to skincare products, I'm very skeptical when it comes to products that comes in a tub,
I don't exactly enjoy scooping it out as chances would be exposing the rest of the product to dirt and dust etc. which could be invisible to the naked eye. 
However, the KISS Whitening Collagen Mask solved my woes with the Closed-pump technology
 I've used products which comes in tubs like these and I often love using them as they remain enclosed and fresh until I've used every drop of it! 
Application is also easy (instructions above) The mask works similarly to the Laneige Sleeping Pack
so you just apply it and go to bed! I don't use this everyday but whenever I feel that my skin is dull and dry I'd use it to give my skin a little pick-up. Waking up to nice and supple skin is one of the best feeling in the world don't you think so? :D
So where can you get KISS Skincare Whitening Collagen Mask?
This product has finally reached our shores and you can find it at www.kisssg.com
Remember when buying products online, do make sure that you're getting them from authorized sellers! There's been so many cases lately on fake skincare products sold online so you wouldn't want to fall victim to such cases! 
WWW.KISSSG.COM is certified and authorized for the sale of KISS Skincare in Singapore.

The KISS Skincare Whitening Collagen Mask is retailing at S$58 at www.kisssg.com
but but but
as for my readers, get S$3 off your bill when you enter "Donna" in the discount section!

To back up the credibility of this product, here are the links to prove it!
Reviews from celebrities: http://kisssg.com/celebrity-reviews/ 

Reviews from our customers here: 

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Don't say we didn't tell you! Get them while you can and try it for yourself today :)