February 9, 2014


in the blink of an eye.. the weekends are OVERRRRRRRRRR
I would count today a weekend for me as I finally got half a day off *wheeeeeee*
Did a shoot today before heading home to nap and work on upcoming blogposts. 
Tho I was busy...I'm happy to be busy at the comfort of my own home :D
since I was working through Fri-Sat, that obviously means nothing interesting happened lol
CNY ended last week for me so I guess everything pretty much has resumed back to normal~
However I managed to have Mookata a few days ago! I love love love love love Mookata omg.
Can't believe I'm saying this cos I hated it the first time I had it but slowly it just grew on me
and now Jackson and I make it a point to have Mookata once every month. Hahahahahahaha
 For those who're curious... this is where I always go for Mookata. It's located at Golden Mile!
I don't bother trying other places since Golden Mile is just 5 minutes away from my workplace and this restaurant is yummy enough for me ;B
 We don't usually order seafood so instead we order an entire plate of meat!
Before cooking the meat we usually crack 1-2 eggs and mix them up so upon cooking it will be super
super super super super super YUMSSSSSSS *drools*
 Veggies and friends go into the soup section below. Btw just so you guys know, I don't ever drink the soup. NEVER. EVER. cos upon knowing all the lard and oil etc.. flows into the soup the thought of it is a bit... GROSS? My bf loves it tho, he says it's nice... I mean yes it is but its 
SOO DAMN UNHEALTHY I just cannot bring myself to drink it hahahahah
 my chef for the day~

 In total we had 2 sets of meat+ 3 bowls of rice+ drinks and it costed us about $98?
There was 4 of us so it's like $24.50 per person which I think is reasonable :)
It can get pretty crowded during dinner time so be prepared to wait if you have a big group of people!

New Udon Thai Food Mookata
5001 Beach Road, #01-55 Golden Mile Complex
Open daily 9am to 6am

 spent Friday evening in town after work for dinner and some catching up at Old Town..
aaaaaaaaaaand yea. That was pretty much my weekend for you. Heheheh~
It's back to work tomorrow and everyday for the rest of the week! I can't wait for the 19th to come,
finally I'll be going on my first holiday in 2014 which is to Hong Kong!!!
It's been years since I last visited Hong Kong and I can't wait to bask in the cool weather
(beats getting roasted in Singapore)

and so once again I'll be opening advertorial slots on Instagram for this trip!
It'll be the same thing I did for my Japan trip, so I'll feature your apparels in #OOTD posts while
I'm there and I will try my best to make the pictures look as pretty as possible :) 
If interested feel free to email me at ponyonhighstreet@gmail.com for more details!
My contract is ending at the studio and I'll be moving to another space!
Hence, the space is available for rent so those who're interested do hurry email in
to enquire. The faster the better :)

Thank you for reading and goodnight :) Have an awesome and blessed week ahead all x